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22 Civico - alternative folk music

The VIAGGIO CIVICO 22 is a new Folk/Cantautorial music project with completely new lyrics and music, fresh and engaging. Starting from Salento, we travel in contemporary world music, thanks to the collaboration of two young Salento artists, Giacomo Filippo Casciaro and Patrik Ippazio Rizzello. The first, a multi-instrumentalist, comes from the world of popular music, in which he has always distinguished himself as a frontman and uncomplicated entertainer as well as a masterful interpreter; the second, with his pronounced compositional abilities, has for some time been tirelessly exploring the traditional sounds of peoples and cultures from all over the world.

Their artistic meeting will take place during the participation in the "Sponz/Fest" of 2016 in Calitri, thanks to the collaboration with the artist Vinicio Capossela, with whom they share the stage and some personal experiences. Since then, the two have been working together writing lyrics and music until they started the recording project "Tra Studio and Bar "; the album contains their respective experiences gained over the years in the field and in the recording room, which are brought together into a unique product with a multi-faceted look and rich content.

Starting from the most famous folk styles, the spectrum ranges from Latin American to Balkan rhythms, without neglecting the veins of popular music and giving in here and there, to some contaminations of regime that almost inevitably result from recent local trends. On the one hand, the popular influence of Salento is undeniable, dominating many traces, also thanks to the extensive use of vernacular in the texts.

On the other hand, the sections with a clear singer-songwriter orientation are very interesting, as is the space available for some songs with the taste of jazzy. Today Civico 22 performs throughout Italy at public events in full cast with a number of 9 elements, including the two soloists Casciaro and Rizzello as well as the following sections:

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