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The NØEN Volume Alternate Rock di Verona. Scope the biography

NØEN is an alternate rock group from Verona, consisting of Mattia Leoni (vocals and guitar), Stefano Melchiori (bass) and Federico Zocca (drums and choirs). While Leoni and Melchiori were already members of the Montecchi group, Zocca was on the skin with Gin Lane, formations with which they presented themselves in all phases of Verona with important experiences outside the region (Lombardy, Emilia Romagna).

Here NØEN are created, which means "something" in Norwegian. In September 2016 NØEN started to cooperate with the producer Enrico Bellaro. In January 2017 they start recording their first record Caribi in the studios "Sotto il Mare Recording Studios" by Luca Tacconi. The record, mastered by Giovanni Versari in "La Maestà studio", will be released by Röcken Records, an independent Verona-based record company.

All the nuances of Indie Rock

Thus a talented Indian alternate group from Emilia has emerged from the resumption of the Wheresmyplanet project. They start working on their first album in 2017 and take all the time they can to do a good job: recorded with composer and producer Federico Truzzi (Napalm Records/Kning Disk) at Lemon's Head Studios in Carpi, mastered with Bombanella Soundscapes (MO).

The EP will be called Hence and will be released in September 2018 by the Italian label Volcano Records & Promotion. This is what you find on Spotify to capture the spirit of the band's first voice. The single confirms the stylistic handwriting that consolidates Hence on their own skin: musicality from indie to electronics that goes through powerful sounds of clear influence mail and alternate rock.

Moments of extreme musical essentiality have always alternated with sound explosions, arrangements based on unconventional rhythms and melodic choirs. They say of them: "Therefore, they are one of those few alto rock bands who manage to do what many epigones of this genre don't: give us emotions."

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