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Well, if that applies only to the music. North American Folk Musik (Americana), Land, Outlaw Country, Texas Country, Red Dirt Country, Alt. Un'enclave old-land in uno scenario techno-industrial. Weak is a collection of stories that mix folk music, old country, Americana and nervous breakdowns. Hicks, Honky-Tonk, Nashville Glitz or Old.

Old. Land, land, rocks and hard land

The big voice, a muscular and guitar-like sound, the geometry with which Kenny Feidler opens and closes The Cowboy Killers (tough and captivating Rambling Ways and Pale Horse Reprise), good bet, but to check if it wins, the record is not heard six or seven times, only once if you have patience (and you love the nuances of country outlaw), everything becomes easier.

From life on a farm in Kentucky, Nicholas Mudd moves "from East to West" to construct an imaginary geography of sounds, a map of movements, information, memories that Nicholas Mudd mixes with a journey through coordinates that attempts to preserve coherence to the highlands of a white Turk who knows how to be courageous and then introspective and melancholic.

You can appreciate it in Come with Me Toneight and Waiting on Me, which open the record with sparkling tones and an ever faster rhythm, prop..... Sixteen tracks recorded in 16 days, Guy is a rich recording, it couldn't be any different where they overlap, overlap, notes to notes, and every single one, at will, is a very important one for the....

The debut album True Sounds of the West contains the whole love for the "Western Lifestyle", a Steelguitar that knows how to sink into 3 Chords And Lies and Bronc songs simultaneously melancholic, pointed and enveloping. Like the sky of Canada, where he lives, the story of Truesound of the West is steeped in the fact that he was the....

The alternate country band of the Losst Dog Street Band blurredly enters the sky from here and seeks a grip in the formless space that frames the stainless steal guitars, while slowly everything between Benjamin Death and his life partner Ashley Mae takes shape on the violin, with the harmonica moving the delightful focus of Given Up Faith and Lazy Moonshiner.

2018 was a crucial year for James Scott Bullard, singer and songwriter of South Carolina, very productive, it all began with an Ep tribute to Gram Parsons in 2015, a myth that The Rose and Fall of... (a collection of songs remastered and recorded in the past between Country&Rock) that was released last year and is useful to tell his story and especially Full Tilt Boogie in the heart of outlaw country.

Love for Country Music 60'/70', Spence Köhler supported by his brother Shannon on drums, is good at stimulating and urging the imagination to "see" what is not (yet) there. The impression of the 7 tracks (about twenty minutes, but there's a lot in the record of the members of the Stone Foxes band), is that Country and Western are able to take the morals and stories of the West seriously, you can't escape its constituent elements, which represent a break between Angels and the acid.....

The outlaw of the country floods from all sides of the Hard Times and White Lines, the new album of Michigan Whitey Morgan's Honky Tonker. The optimism painted by television, the luxury, the beautiful life that aims to make the listener forget the difficulties of his day (who painstakingly pulls the car)... forget it, the radiant beauty of Honky Tonk Hell tears up a fake reality, get Bourbon and the Blues and add the Telecasters, for raw and ironic stories to Whitey Morgan And The 78's.

Old School Country/Blues reinterpreted by Texan Charley Crockett. Raised in rural San Benito, he turned a lot, worked on a farm in California, lived in Europe and North Africa, then returned home to make music, and although Lil G.L.'s Blue Bonanza with songs by George Jones, Ernest Tubb, T-Bone Walker and many others is a tribute, he shows an unusual talent by standing against the horizontality of the current landscape, especially the Texas one, to present it with a....

For those who saw him driving a bus that wasn't even able to go around the corner, he found the right wind that seems to be the good one for a good push. The Chasing Butterflies shows writing and music at a high level, Harmony and the beauty of Lemuel Penn's ballad are able to awaken emotions and musical knowledge that are not those that are now reduced to elementary radio processes, the band that is to.....

Balloon Country, songs................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Autumnal rural melancholy and country melancholy suddenly rise from Frozen Ground, along with the warm orange of a sunset enveloping the figure of this Michigan quartet, ready to contrast the cold blue of dawn that illuminates the debut of After You. The voice and soul of Cold Tone Harvest is Andrew Sigworth, he takes out on the water and After You with his bucolic references hovering between the footballs, the baljo and the bobro, and it comes to the conclusion that despite the many years, it's me.....

Immediately Too High Now awakens empathy and captivates in a blazing country rocking ride, scenarios of an ancient America vaguely westerly, hard and tame, sketches the other passion of Will Courtney (Texan, 5 years and 2 records as singer of Brothers And Sisters) or the documentary about stories and characters like Billy The Kid.

Crazy Love is not a country light deceiving, it expresses the truth that the light in bands released by the guitar crosses the cracks of Crazy Love and Crazy Love, ..... Returning to the outlaw country movement of the 1970s, Shooter Jennings seemed lost in the street through dubious experiments (the sum in the visionary homage to Giorgio Moroder...), instead, Shooter Jennings together with his friend / producer Dave Cobb and a large group of musicians (there is also Leroy Powell, together from the band The . 357s) records an honest recording that is among the best as he looks in the rearview mirror of his discography.

The Mississippi in which he was born is far away, Texas has changed him over the years, new inspirations have come to the surface from the meeting with Kevin Welch that nourish the remarkable When the Money's All Gone and after years he is on the seventh album, I Trave On is another persuasive bright reflection on the status of his approach to the old country.

The effect shows them in the course of I Death My Mind in Carolina and the place of arrival at the.......................................................................................................... E When you sing about the duality of life, the path of a musician, on the crossways crossed by many other higways, is natural, but a song like Providence Canyon, the first ballad, shows that the boy appears inspired, about his childhood, his growing up, his life and his.....

On the second album, with the always sharp guitars of The Disarmers, Years moves in earthy areas that can astonish how it seems to end in the country, the one that is in..... Western Texas, desert and desolate landscapes, including Culberson County, 2,000 souls and from there Red Shahan, after the excellent debut of Men & Coyotes, can be inspired: open spaces, dry and lonely, an imaginary that leads to the devastation of a sunny Texas at Cormac McCarthy, populated by mountains and beloved coyotes, Culberson County is like a Texas painting, a small provincial life, despair and strong forces.

Massachusetts Country/Rock Texas Country/ Rocks Texas Country/ Rocks Texas Red Shahan lo picordo Six Market Blvd. Moore Dallas waves to Nashville, but only to record the new album Mr. Honky Tonk, proudly heading for the movement "Outlaw" and the harmonica that rutted Home Is Where The Highway Is, leaves the first signs of salvation to fight the empty and shiny normality of advertising that surrounds us.

The purity expressed in Mr. Honky Tonk is the last chapter of the soul tree of a true land dweller, a beautiful shrub that has tilted on one side and accepts the isolation on the top of a promontory without falling to the side of the..... The 27-year-old Sam Morrow on his third album lets the Texas land of the 70s flow and the skirt from the Sudanese roots and the simple opening of Heartbreak Man manifests this relationship of continuous reversibility between the interior and exterior of the country, so that there is no difference that holds and the sound penetrates directly into us and repositions us in concrete and mud.

Outlaw Country', which can also be found in Paid by the Mile and in the fascinating ballad by San Fernando Sunshine, seems to be associated with the..... The success for the Kentuckian compatriot Chris Stapleton, best voice and record for the third time in a row at the Country Music Association Awards, goes on, and the good story goes on, because the second band of From A Room (the historical room in the RCA in Nashiville, Studio A) is another little jewel that you should keep and listen to for a long time.

The landscape remains wild, connected with the outlaw movement of the 70s, as irregular as the guitars that were sharpened for another half hour from tumultuous hearts and rural life stories, adding to the..... a nice mixture of American and country-specific electro-acoustic instrumentation (banjo, violin), a sluggish and distorted electric guitar, which, when accompanied by Want it to Work and California Man, is the work of Curtis/Sutton & T.....

Prince Grizzley is Austrian, his name is Chris Comper and he prefers outlaw country music that likes to mix with skirt, folk/blues, he is a free spirit, he sings about his life experiences, the harmonica and the guitar rut the weak ballad of Wide Open Country, a melancholic meditation performed like a free flow of thoughts and fantasies that will reappear in the touching conclusion of Tell Me Why.

Turpike Troubadours could only open the new album by reporting about Lorrie, her muse, who is now grown up, married and raised with children, and between The Housefire and the beautiful electric charge of Something To Hold On To, one has an imagination of how it is understood....... It produces the outlawed country group of singer and song writer Leroy Virgil between white barrel and genuine rustic guitar, it shows pretty captivating pinball trajectories, among alcoholics, women with the attributes and typical scenarios of adventurous movies, it represents the beautiful beginning of Merica (The Good Ole U.S.A.), the quintessence of HellBound Glory from funny and disrespectful scenarios, and they start with the same covers of pinball.....

Second valuable album for the Kentucky song writer with an idea of the strong and original country that doesn't bother to catch the listeners by chance. He follows his way with perseverance along the American provincial tradition, the Outlaw Country and the full-bodied honky tons to pack a tutorial for those looking for something more than country radio.

There are interesting steps forward in what appears to be pretty much everything in life: Jeremy Pinnell between Pedalstahl and Telekomaster also scratches when he tells the stories of people who are..... In Austin, Texas, Steve Earle and The Dukes go with a Fender Télécaster across the wrong side of society, where motels are all very "cheap", not to say a dump, but for many they are like a church, as it has always been from Waylon Jennings to Willie Nelson, who participates in the pronunciation of So You Wanabe in Outlaw.

Probably one of the highest moments in Steve Earle's country career: For the duration (50 minutes on 16 tracks), for the quality and for the strong emotional impact that the..... Born in Indiana with a grandfather who liked to fill it with songs by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Better Than Myself's debut is clear, a clear, uncomplicated and conclusive record in Outlaw Country Rock, where what is described is nothing but what you see in America.

The fascinating ballad by Better Than Myself shows that he knows everything that exceeds the sensitive data of a traditional fellow country man. The harmonica leaves room for the next generation of.... Two years after Traveller's success, Chris Stapleton publishes From A Room: Room 1 (the second is scheduled for late 2017) and the result is a fresh and vibrant record that miraculously stands between the indescribable spontaneity of reality and the compelling concatenation of the imaginary narrative of a country vocalist of the 70s.

Explore the different levels of love that have gone mostly wrong, and the land with the beautiful brown halos and the ballad of Gary P. Nunn (but brought to fruition by Willie Nelson, i.e. the..... More than a variant of a theme based on country spirits, the author shows a marked sensitivity to hearing the first ballads that open Colter Wall (a hidden and passionate honey).

Changed the bucolic paths of the recent past, Jason Eady remains open in a very stimulating way to Landtexas, ballads playing on different levels between the Lloyd Maines iron guitars, his wife Courtney Patton in choirs and the Tammy Rogers violin/mandolin/banjo. The result is a record that is able to gradually identify and discover enveloping melodies and a song writing as always, beautiful and solid, Jason Eady gives him a name, a story, a meaning, a cause, among the introspective Barabbas, Where I'......

James Carothers, a baritone voice, fully embodies the "Outlaw Country" movement associated with the Old School, which he doesn't like in radios, i.e. a full-bodied, wild country like Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, embraced by Relapse, the title song that puts the guitar in perspective between bucolic, smoky and alcoholic backgrounds, and a wrapping perspective on the inexplicability of real life, an enveloping one on the inexplicability of real life.

These doors connect the tracks, they are in the center of the classic "Outlaw Country" that Sarah Shook & The Disarmers from North Carolina open in the wild Far West, turn Keep the Home Fires Burnin' and drag us quickly into a past in which the real struggle for life lies among the poor who, thrown into the arena of daily survival, have to defend themselves against their fellow men, armor and.....

Traditional country, but seen from South Texas, by a real cowboy who yells around the profession as a "bullrider" the events of All About Me, a real record in which the last years of the country vocalist Jarrod Birmingham are told. A Texas road traveled to the sound of the country, the rustic titled song to the simple footage of Once Up's Simple Footpads.....

Born in West Texas, K Phillips's music indeed moves in this landscape, in a symbolic countryrock space that has become a stereotype of a precise imagination, which made it possible in the early features of Had Enough, Gordy Quist (Band of Heathens) believed the record produced it, and Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), who greeted him at his home to record with him the song Hadrian, and that's a good reason to hear it.

Evertson gives the figure of Chris Shiflett, guitarist of Foo Fighters for the third solo project, depth, West Coast Town is one of those records they like to cross the border, electric basis for a lively country Rock n Pop, but you can dance according to rural traditions, because in the rural soul of West Coast Town of happy life there is a little bit.

Sticks & Stones has a filigree biker instance lurking in it, but it's the metal treadle that marks the West Coast Town Country Course that's the most.............................................................................................. St American & folk and fascinating country references, the openness of Brent Cobb's voice penetrates into the respectable society, never so perfect, before a few.....

Born in Oklahoma of his mechanical father with the land in his heart, Matthew Lane remembered him in Nashville while writing songs. The hard life then, but it served to form a group with his brother and old friends, The Dirt Drifters, Honky-Tonk and Country classics, but in Texas everything changed, the family, a farm, and in a moment the music returned to fill a world that seemed to have no place left.

The Steelguitars and the Harmonica take the Ranch Road 479 in their possession: They are..... While invigorating the fixation of the traditional country, Jack Grelle gives it thickness and word through a dimensional shift between white tone, bucolic reflections of the old-fashioned 70s and folk-rock passages that are ready to donate deep images to the rustic time of Got Drizzled Up to Be Let Down to feel Heart's for Mine.

The label "Bluegrass Band" for The Dead South Canadians is more and more suitable, because the elements of skirt disappear almost completely this time, the people touch the fades and have never insisted on them, but they are like a sudden still that interrupts the breathlessness of the banjo, even if the slower ones are good for illusion only for a few minutes & Doubts and Death South are so inspired to give us a pleasant rural bracket.

It' s a record of blue grass that nobody expected from Dwight Yoakam, on the 30th anniversary of Guitars, Cadillacs, etc. Etc, visits again an extensive catalogue and Swimmin' pools, Movie Stars turns out to be a vital and influential treasure chest with new visions about the country in favour of more or less attentive ears. With a ladies group ( Guitarist Bryan Sutton, Violinist Stuart Duncan, Scott Vestal Guitar, Mandolin Adam Steffey and Bassist Barry Bales) we begin to come back to the existence of Dwight Yo.....

From the quicksand where he was sunk with cheap albums, the long silence was served, Midnight Motel is not a perfect record, it's a bit "hard here and there, but even if it gets too slow when he lingers in the introspective melancholy of childhood memories, then he can find moments in which the absolute style of the Texas singer-songwriter, and that's it.

The last singer to cross it was Johnny Cash in 1967-68 to record At Folsom Prison, and there is a subtle connection to this record through Bill Halverson: then assistant to the recording studios and now producer. The atmosphere is acoustic in Bullitt County Jail in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, the two guitars (the other is from Chuck Morpurgo AKA Lucky Chucky) correspond to a specific fruit beat, which "activates" them for use in the 45 minutes of At The Bul puts them into operation.....

They are Texans, don't be spoiled by their name, the Phineus Reb group is from Houston and the sound is varied and full-bodied, they have been together since 2014, but the singer, instrumentalist and song writer Cody Kouba is a well-known Texas honey tone player since 2000.

The influence of the country punk group Supersuckers remains alive on Jesse Dayton's sixth solo album, The Revealer is interrupted by the nuances of the telecommunications, with performances that recur as notes pushed aside and sooner or later have decided to jump into the middle of the scene and act as a guide since a gentle father was in Badass.

The humour for the Texan is always in the front row in a versatile and successful record, one goes from spiral shaped rockabilly (Holy Ghost Rock n' Roller) and illuminated rock'n' roll.... 20-year-old Bryton Stoll, a student from Kansas, loves the country like his brother Nic, who plays the drums, on his debut album Finger on the Trigger he goes down an old country and skirt road, so a bit bumpy, not comfortable at all, and that's a good thing, especially as the kid doesn't just fill the lyrics with Whiskey and trucker stories.

The Finger On The Trigger has both gloomy brackets between guitars and band and the muted cadence of the violin, but there's a pulsating, thunderous music under the track, dark and..... It is not the golden west (ern) of its origins, the land of shepherds, bandits, baris, but also of coquettish girls, with this series of ballads in the heart of Texas - the cliff is like a journey through a dry, lightless country,

but they lead between salvation and love in a middle ground, a horizon to which an "outlaw" like Cody Jinks never stops striving, the filter, the organizing principle that gives shape to I'm Not the Devil, is a disc (and memory) of all, and at the same time intimate personal.

ll Texas singer-s..... Dear friend of fellow countryman Chris Stapleton, they wrote Might As Well Get stoned about the celebrated (beautiful!) debut traveler who explains: "He always was wearing a Cowboy Hat. The Pony Bradshaw is the art of folding, braiding and tying tiles from a male, white Tonke. The Georgia group combed them with guitars, the reeds growing in the Mississippi swamps, which survived the complaints of time, as if in the fog of a dark forest they highlighted the lush echoes of melancholy occurring from 10am to 10am.

For 10 years he has been writing music for the American Aquarium group, "... but on a recent journey to Europe (it was on the night of 13 November 2015 in Paris, during the terrorist attacks on the fundamentalist Islamic matrix, n.a.). C. ), I composed a series of tracks that didn't felt like full bandsongs.

Scooter James speaks voice and guitar of Pinhead Circus, Love Me Destroyer, Tin Horn Prayer and now also Ol' Hickory, an energetic Denver based group that makes the verse the Brent Best (Slobberbone), and in Scarecrow changes with every new step, and changes as a result of this blossoming past and only for this reason gains full joy and imaginative sympathy.

Rock garage with hole infiltrations..... Destination Los Angeles, a group of extra guest (as Steve Ferrone drummer for Tom Petty) and a few days to record a record for honey tonkers and truckers, as Boo Ray likes to call it. The North Carolina singer/songwriter likes to play with the temporal continuity of a guitarist who has wandered a lot between Nashville and Texas, the movement of the liquid of the telecommunications in the bubbling redneck Rock & Roll, who uses the space between the two....

True Country from Kentucky, a solid blue grass backdrop in the life of Travis Harris, a relationship of respectful distance between guitar and band, which opens the second album The Truth And Other Lies, are further perspectives for the interesting debut of Honky Tonks & High Water. Everyday life burns the land of the first moonlights Last Ride, Travis Harris And The West Coast Turnarounds use it as a lens, as a beam of light, as a surface that it receives and translates into bright and dark areas, a.....

Justin Reuther, the singer/songwriter, sets out in search of a new melodic space that only the country can shape, a look between the Tingeltangel of the 60s, which punctually shows a fascinating turn in the shreds of skirt. Land and characterizes the will of the Dogshouse Flowers to a greater opening for the bucolic background of the Steelguitars, recorded.......

A redundant theme for the Knoxville volume of Handsome and the Humbles, but interesting in Have Mercy, to capture the climate of extreme emptiness in which all the..... The Dallas Moore is an American outlaw, a mythopoetic character: the inadmissibility of the lonely and wandering hero of the West, the longing for a libertarian and unconventional sixties seventies Roadlon Jennings & David Allan Coe, the nostalgic and touching myth of the artist consumed by music and life, and the fatalism of the "second chance" seeking possible redemption.

Fascinating relationship between the bodies of the stainless steal guitars and the bankos in the space of country/rock for the Dallas of Midnight County group, a ceaseless and continuous process in which it accumulates and then rises, is blunted, "distilled" every detail and cared for and specified by front man and guitarist Justin Russell.

Soutbound tries to say that it's just enough to fill your mouth with Round' Here and By My Side, delicious sprouts from Midnight County that patiently thaw the land.... Mulitstrumentista Bill Chambers è grown up in an Australian town, but the spirit has always been linked to American country, culture and blues: "Ich bin mit der Hillbilly-Musik aufgewachsen, die meine Eltern als Kind gespielt haben.

and Johnny Cash. Lately I've been especially affected by the "Texas Singer/Songwriters". Country, the Ponderosa Aces from Southern California move in melancholic, muted, weird wake, played by the guitars of Alex Griggs and singer Mike Maddux, a record that is gradually overwhelming, radiates Judgement Day and Night of a Couple of Heartaches and projects into a rare atmosphere along Song 46 that opens endless spaces.

A debut, Honky Tonkin's My life away, which contains 4 tracks from the

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