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Ethnic songs are separate from every culture and Italy is no exception. Here is an alphabetical list of songs from all over Italy. The Tibetans are a spiritual people and religion is closely linked to all aspects of daily life. All of us hate poverty, war and injustice as opposed to the rest of you fields. Folksongs must be beautiful ".

Folksongs and intonations. The exhibition in the auditorium of Sant'Agostino

Adria Mortari's voice for folk songs and the surrounding area accompanied by the Dissonanzen ensemble conducted by Eugenio Ottieri for a concert that combines Berio's folk songs with the music of Theodoràkis and Boccadoro. On Friday 27 November at 6 pm in the Auditorium of Sant'Agostino in Benevento, the Associazione Dissonanzen, in collaboration with the Associazione Progetto Sonora, will present the concert Folk Songs et Thorni, music by Luciano Berio, Mìkis Theodoràkis and Carlo Boccadoro.

The singer and actress Adria Mortari, who has been playing folk songs in Italy and all over the world for many years under the direction of Berio herself, is accompanied by the Ensemble Dissonanzen under the direction of Eugenio Ottieri. The proposals of the folk songs are countered by the ballad of Mauthausen, composed by Theodoràkis to the verses of the Greek poet and playwright Iakovos Kambanellis and deported to Mauthausen during the Second World War.

The concert will take place in collaboration with the University of Sannio, the Conservatory "Nicola Sala" of Benevento and the Association Cadmuns. The show is part of the free project "Campania: From Baroque to Present", organized by the Association of Dissonances.


Folk Music A genre of traditional American folk music that has been popular since the years before World War II among those who advocate popular revitalization, the rediscovery of the popular cultural heritage of the United States. This genre of music was very successful in the 1950s and 1960s. f. in particular means, in addition to ballads, songs of spirituality and work, expressions of subaltern ethnic communities (Irish, Afro-Americans, etc.).

For the protest content of most of the f.'s, these are distinctly different than the popular American song represented by the country genre. Other important personalities are W. Guthrie, an intelligent and original composer, and P. Seeger, the first authentic interpreter of folk music. In the 1960s, a large number of singers like B followed.

Dylan, J. Baezecc. and the f. also spread to Europe, where they acquired famous singers such as Donovan (Great Britain) and Antoine (France). We can recall in Italy the experiences of the group Cantacronache from Turin, the Nuovo kanzoniere italieno from Milan and the Nuova compagnia di kanto popolare from Naples.

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