Alice Disco

Disco Alice

The Disco Alice is located in Pavullo and offers commercial house music. It happened Saturday night at the local Alice Club Two, which was wounded by cutting weapons, intervention of the Carabinieri. Beautiful album that introduces what for me was the golden decade of Alice's career. Alice's new album begins with a dazzling and at least unusual phrase for a pop album. Administration of the Alice installation disk.

AllICE -AVULLO - Dancing, After dinner, Disco - Rooms in pavullo

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For more than twenty years he has been found in cinemas, bars, places of retaliation and, of course, in the premises. And if you can't find it, you can search it on the Internet."

Babullo, brawl in the disco and then in the square rung cutters.

Another brawl, still on the square of the discotheque "Club Alice", located at the foot of the valley Sestola-Vignola and visited by young people in the region. After the reconstruction on Saturday evening two groups of boys started to discuss very lively in the room. The intervention of the Club's security service normalized the situation in the disco: the protagonists were accompanied to the exit, but this was not enough to suppress the spirits, so much so that the fight was resumed on the square even more fiercely.

This is another incident near the club. Last week, a local police officer was hit with his fist as he tried to divide two opposing factions. It is not uncommon for groups of young Italians and non-EU citizens to be "punched in the face". According to some guests, the physical collision would even be a "target" for several boys on weekend evenings.

In particular, these are groups of Slavs who follow established working methods. This situation is not unimportant for the parents of the young patrons who demand "more preventive power".


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