Find out in this blog article how Alibaba can be useful as a channel for opening up the Chinese and Far Eastern markets. Surrounded by a lush tropical garden, the Alibaba Bungalow is located on the island of Gili Air with air-conditioned rooms and a private terrace. Get instant access to the free streaming chart from Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. The is part of the Alibaba Group, one of the most internationally renowned Chinese multinational companies.

The Alibaba in Sal is an exposed reef fracture with a fairly even surf.

Cos'è Alibaba?

Amazon, Ebay, Asos, Zalando? You could also put Alibaba on the list, a Chinese e-commerce giant founded in 1999 by Jack Ma (which makes him China's richest man) and also pioneered other European countries in Italy. The Chinese Amazon (or rather the anti-Amazon) has more than 500 million customers and, despite the fact that it was born with a localistic perspective for communication between Chinese companies, is striving to expand into the rest of the world and also into Europe.

Cos'è Alibaba? We could define it as a large e-commerce that combines the functions of Amazon and Ebay, but clearly exceeds them as a sales dimension: it's a market place, a huge virtual bazaar where you sell a little of everything that houses different suppliers. Above all, Alibaba is a business-to-business e-commerce solution that enables companies to buy large quantities of products quickly and easily.

It contains products from different companies and generates profits from transactions between suppliers and buyers by deducting a commission from the buyer of the product. Unlike Amazon, Alibaba does not have its own warehouses and distribution centres, but is mainly an intermediary between suppliers from different countries (although mainly Chinese) and buyers.

The Taobao portal, China's largest shopping platform, also connects consumers directly with each other. Will you come with me to Alibaba? If you have a company and are willing to buy large quantities of goods from other companies, is for you.

The Aliexpress is the retail service for the international market that you should turn to for personal purchases, the type of shopping you are likely to be most interested in. Either way, you can choose from different product categories, ranging from electronics to gadgets, from clothing to household items, evaluate whether you want to and convince and then order in China.

On average, delivery times are significantly longer than for other well-known e-commerce companies such as Amazon. The basic strength of this second platform, like Alibaba, is price. There are indeed many discounts on Alibaba that further reduce the already affordable prices on the Chinese market.

Is purchasing security your most important concern? On Alibaba you need to pay some attention to the supplier's characteristics and try to evaluate its reliability through user feed-back, company description, years of activity, amount of products sold. One way to protect yourself when shopping is to use Alipay, the Alibaba-developed on-line payment system that offers transaction guarantees.

Purchases are protected by the fact that the Alipay method allows you to make payment by credit card only after receiving the goods or to receive a refund if the items differ from the description. We recommend that you check whether the seller is a "gold supplier" before buying.

Goldmembers are identified by a patch indicating that the seller with the golden coat of arms certainly has a registered company. The Alibaba also verifies that some of the most important information provided by movri is true. Badges are also subject to a fee, so the seller Alibaba has to pay some money to get them.

Of course, non-gold members can also be reliable suppliers. It is indicated by the symbol below with a number next to it, indicating how many years a particular member has been active as a supplier of Au (two years in the example). If you are looking for Alibaba, you can also filter the results so that you only see the offers of the bullion suppliers.

As you can see from the picture above, there is another very useful filter to select as many sellers as possible. If you click on this filter, you will only search for suppliers with Alibaba Trade Assurance. Please note that Alibaba Trade Assurance does not search for suppliers with Alibaba Trade Assurance. Please click on the filter. This guarantee is intended to protect the purchaser by guaranteeing the quality of the products before dispatch and compliance with delivery times.

It is also an attempt by Alibaba to protect the buyers in order to avoid problems with the quality of the goods and the timing. It is very important in any case that the goods are carefully negotiated between the seller and the buyer. For example, commercial security does not protect the buyer if he finds that a product of poor quality, the technical specifications of which have not been agreed in advance, is of poor quality.

It is therefore important that the specifications of the goods are clear and comprehensive. Chinese quality standards are often lower than those we are used to in Europe, and Alibaba does not protect buyers in case of a general "bad quality" of a product. Instead, it protects the buyer when sending other than the agreed materials.

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