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After work - Bianca et seq. Consoli Carmen Video

The Afterhours have commissioned Cosimo Alemà to direct the video for the new version of "Bianca". The protagonists of the video are the voices of the song - Manuel Agnelli and Carmen Consoli - and the model Cécile Cocard. The song contained in the anthology published by the group on November 17, 2017, photo of pure joy.

An unpublished and reworked version, Anthologia 1987-2017, is originally part of the album Non è per semipre from 1999. To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of his career, the foundation of Manuel Agnelli will participate in an unpublished publication as well as in a concert to be held on April 10, 2018 at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Milan.

On Sa you can read the review of the band's latest album, Folfiri or Folfox, released last year, as well as a deepening of Afterhours' career.

The Afterhours interpret "Bianca" anew with Carmen Consoli: here is the video.

The video of "Bianca", the afterhours song from 1999, which Manuel Agnelli & Partner reinterpreted together with Carmen Consoli, has been released. In the video clip, shot by Cosimo Alemà, we see the judge of X Factor and the Sicilian "singer" turning around in an apartment in the house. The song was originally included in Afterhours' fifth record "Non è per sempre", "Bianca" was one of the five singles from this record.

The new version, in duet with Carmen Consoli, is part of the collection "Foto di pura gigioia 1987-2017", an extensive anthology about the volume by Agnelli published on November 17th, which with three records and 57 songs tells the first thirty years of the career of Afterhours, whose story began in 1987 with the single (sung by Manuel Agnelli in English) "My Boy Bit".

We are Afterhours" by Manuel Agnelli at the Rome Festival.

Rome, (askanews) - Manuel Agnelli has for a moment put aside the role of judge of "X Factor" to arrive at the Rome Film Festival as protagonist with Giorgio Testi's documentary film "We are Afterhours", in which we retrace the long journey of the group with the front man and founder of the group, while I speak, through the pictures of the concert in the Forum of Assago last April.

"It was just a concert, so it could really go wrong, from a certain point of view we would have thrown it all away, but I would like to point out that it was just a concert. Agnelli explained that the movie helped the tape when they needed a pause to think, to understand which direction they wanted to go, and not to repeat themselves.

"I consider it a point of arrival and restart," he stressed at the RomeFilmFest, on stage next to the entire group. Then when Agnelli talked about the group that was born over 30 years ago, he said: "At first we wanted to be more worrying, then it became a stereotype and then we tried to create a new kind of relationship with the public, and a few years ago we found it: it's a more empathetic kind, today we're different.

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