Acoustic Folk Artists

Folk Acoustic Artists

A mix of acoustic folk, rock and songwriter. This sextet includes some well-known artists from the local music scene. And I like Swedish folk music among a lot of vocal music sung by groups. The Greenwich Village folk scene by various artists: ( IT ) Organic pop folk rock.

Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar Peter New Age

At the age of 13 he began to play the guitar. In 1973 he recorded his first album; since then he has recorded regularly in Germany, Italy, England and the USA for renowned labels such as "Kicking Mule Records", "Stockfisch", "Edition Collage" and (since 1989) for his "Acoustic Music Records". Since 1979 he has taken part in numerous television and television broadcasts, where he is also the author and presenter of guitar programs (German television and radio).

In 1988 he founded his own record label (Acoustic Music Records), with which he produced CDs of acoustic artists of various genres and musical styles such as blues, jazzy and world music. Since 1995 he has been publishing a journal dedicated to the acoustic guitar journal "Akustik Gitarre". If you are interested in guitar music or acoustic guitar in general, you hardly know this name.

Since the 1970s, Peter Finger has gained a remarkable international reputation as an acoustic guitarist, making him one of the best guitarists in the world in the trade press (and those who have heard one of his 13 publications agree). Finger has done what few artists today can do: the perfect harmony between musicality, composition and virtuosity.

His musical world is limitless and shows his deep knowledge of music, its history and art in general. An attentive listener will find in Peter's music influences of Debussy, Ravel or Stravinsky, but at the same time he can also find more typical skirt melodies or be surprised by new rhythmic and melodic solutions.

Character with great musical charisma and at the same time with the simplicity typical of great artists, he offers a truly extraordinary show in which impressive virtuosities are proposed with extreme naturalness and in which great technique is only a means to convey his refined musical universe. His music for guitar is able to surprise and inspire the listener with original and brilliant compositions, performed with a breathtaking technique and exceptional musicality.

Finger's new era is the combination of neoclassical taste sounds with improvisations of jazzy, new era, blues or South American rhythms and melodies, but above all the musical representation of atmospheres full of positve images and emotions that are able to evoke the most intense moments of everyone. Like many of his colleagues, he is inspired by a multitude of influences: from classical music to jazzy, from rock to experimental and innovative languages for the six-string instrument.

His artistic maturity and undisputed personal style contribute to making his concerts a unique and fascinating listening experience.

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