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The South African country of Botswana, with a population of around two million, is also home to hundreds of hard rock music fans who have brought great fame. A few concerts with live band performances are completely on the road to create an appropriate atmosphere for rock music. Minivan tour through London's rock legends in a small group. This conference welcomes scientific and artistic contributions (e.g.

poetry readings, dance or music performances). Many examples of sentences with "play rock music" - Italian-English dictionary and search engine for millions of translations into Italian.

Story of rock music. R. Stevie Moore: Curriculum Vitae, Diskography, Recensions, Links

Stevie Moore started one of the proudest independent careers in rock music from his fortress in New Jersey. From 1973 to 2000 he released more than a hundred titles, including cassettes, albums, EPs and CDs. The first two albums, Phonographie (Vitla, 1976) and Delicate Tension (HP, 1978), are the work of a fan of the Barcellttasongs by Todd Rundgren, Frank Zappa and Bonzo Band.

Moore wrote a discography full of anthologies, including What's the Point (1984) and Fruit Of The TUne (1993). Music Glad (New Rose, 1986), con Part Of The Problem, e Teenage Spectacular (New Rose, 1987) Sono Gleis albums of the Period of the Mature. He is a versatile composer who can vary from the Musikhalle (Goodbye Piano, 1978) to instrumental rock (Ist Or Mas, 1978), from popular music (Part Of The Problem, 1985) to concrete music (Non Sequitur, 1987).

The London Rock Music History Tours (London): UPDATE 2019 - everything you need to know.

Very recommendable and entertaining trip, excellent driver Peter! Great tours, great places, great names in rock from 60 to today and above all a great guide! We took a group of 15 different rock fans with us on this trip and everyone was very happy with the experience. Dr. Bruce Cherry is incredibly experienced and dedicated as a travel guide.

We will be on this trip again for the next years!

Review Rock Music

A sensation that has been fluttering in American and English musical life since the late sixties, a prophecy heard in early 1978, the year in which the foolish cries of punk (Sex Pistols: "the scourge of God") and funky reggae rock (Police) will reverberate as real confessions: "... rock is dead... of course....

RICONOSCERE. The captain's not important. It' because this group broke up, because the choice of cover or so many secrets. Feel on your skin a fresh spring wind, in your heart an extraordinary energy that could make you explode, without you being able to understand, without you having to remember. Then comes the listening, the attention.

Listening and listening, never the other way round: you can recognize rock, identify your embryos in light hop and light hop and catch the last burning flashes in all following waves. Rather monsters that some hurry to call masterpieces, while they are only digital data produced by fake musicians who meet the day the production decides to take cover pictures.

The skirt comes towards you to tell you about a new world where you can keep an eye on every day, every minute that has passed without knowing the remorse, every meeting that remembers the scent, and every step that the sound takes. Because the true rock comes from the dizziness that you feel before an abyss, in extreme moments that require a quick decision if it is not possible to wait even a moment because you are so fragile and at the mercy of the winds that you could fall on the wrong side.

But while the difference of opinion in everyday life forces one to remain silent - a silence that is sweet and painful at the same time, and that presses the heart that wants to talk, but there is nothing one can do but soak - the true rock screams these passions and strikes the hypocrisy of our days. To make rock, you have to live it on your own skin: everything else is just a substitute, a deformation of this wonderful experience.

The artist Rock (the actor) is a concentration of thoughts that become words and go outside accompanied by sounds. Where these thoughts are born, we do not experience, but can be sure that a certain rock can only be born on the road, in direct contact with misery, smells, cries and hope.

Here a first stone was born which encourages slaves to shout at their masters, spitting in the face of hypocrisy in diplomatic dress with white collars and facing the great challenges: peace, love, equality, solidarity, justice. The very first Floyd of "The pipes at the gates of the dawn" (1967), when Syd Barret was still leading the quartet; the unripe generation of "From genes to revelation" (1969), led by Peter Gabriel and the inspired guitars of today's very distant Steve Hackett; the meanwhile mature Beatles of "Sergent Peppers ionely hearts clubband"; Jimy Hendrix of the first two albums "Are You Experienced" (1967) - "AXIS" of "AXIS"; Jimy Hendrix of the first two albums "Are You Experienced" (1967) - "AXIS" of "AXIS":

The third band "Bold as Love" (1968) und die dritte, riesige Doppelstudio-Band "Electric Ladyland" (1968) ; die Bands von Robbie Robertson und Rick Danko von "Music from the Big Pink" ; The Who von "My Generation" (1965) et "The Who sell out" (1967) ; The Velvet Underground di "The Velvet Underground & Nico" (1967); The The Doors di "The Doors" di "Strange Days" (1967); The Deep Purple di "Shades of Deep Purple" (1968); The Zeppelin di "Led Zeppelin" (1967) di "Led Zeppelin II" (1968).

And then Frank Zappa, with his wonderful pollution between blue, jazzy and fused influences of "Freak out" (1966) and "Absolutely free" (1967), Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cream, Traffic. Just like the other band. It' a rock, certainly immature and naïve, but aggressive and energetic, a rock of tenderness for the instruments with which he expresses his messages, the inadequate voices with which he meets the hearts and minds of the probable recipients.

A stone that, although youthful, does not fall into the traps of expectation and expectation. The local political forces officially rejected these people into a rather neutral position, at least until the show of "Woodstock" (1969 - "Three days of Peace, Love and Music"), a bet definitely won by the bands, the organizers, but especially by young people who came in their millions to honor some of the best bands of the time.

Music won the bet, I'd say today. The authorities, the police, the religious, the common people: from this moment on they also begin to evaluate the explosive and driving force of rock music. The bands of this first rock march like at war with freedom and scream their need to free themselves from the conditioning and stupidity of a unique life, from the presumption of a way determined by customs, from the label: from others!

Here is a second stone, then, that Bigota and moralists considered dangerous and demonic, but in reality less politically and socially subversive. Aerosmith by "Aerosmith" (1973), ZZ-Top by "First Album" (1970), and then the Who by "Quadrophenia", courageous sound track of the youth upheavals of the English mods, Pink Floyd by "Atom Earth Mother" (1970) and "Meddle" (1971),

whose "echoes" go beyond the limits of a still too narrow corporeality, the audience of "Third" (1970), the Zeppelin of ""Bed Zeppelin IV"", where the "Stairway to heaven", the Deep Purple of "In Rock" (1970), which brings a splendid "Child in time" to the top, is still very topical today, will be born.

In the same year ghost groups like the Quatermass of "Quatermass" (1970) were born and died, and they deepen all their enthusiasm and inspiration exquisitely "progressively" in the first (and last) work, which will remain unknown to most people. The first ( and last ) three Nick Drake albums "Five Leaves Left" (1969) - "Bryter Layter" (1970) - "Pink Moon" (1972), precious pearls of an unfinished necklace of precious quality (he committed suicide in 1974), were released.

Agitation Free di "Malesh" (1972), Ash Rà Temple di "Ash Ra Temple" (1971) - "Swingungen" (1972) and " Join Inn" (1972), i Popol Vuh di "Affestunde" (1970), i Gong di "Continental Circus" and "Camembert Elecrique" (1971). During these years, some of the "founding members" were consecrated and some of them were forced to decline: Jimy Hendrix died in 1970.

In 1970 the Beatles were only the "Let it be" (1970) illegitimate daughter of a group that broke up into controversies; in the same year Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison decided the end of Velvet Underground with their final separation... What should I say: Maybe Rock had already become ill? A stone with the most overwhelming assertions has already appeared: when the boy begins to enforce his decisions, it is a sign that he is becoming a man.

For all of them, one of them: "Have faith, boys, for we will invent a different, new way of life, a simpler, more true way of communication, consisting of smiles, colours, giving, without claim to reception, saying without fear, walking without a certain goal...". Fascinating, convincing lessons, which are translated into the lyrics and music of these years, draw the psyche into fascinating, but dangerous universes, on simply unknown paths.

There are those who say that playing essentially means "progress" and puts the musicality of the text and instrumental experimentation above everything else (Progressive). It' s almost like listening to a unique global message: "Rock can do everything, people, because rock is everything! The battle cry of the wildest bands of the 60's and 70's, "You can make music without making records", becomes its exact opposite: "You make music by making records".

All greats became champions: from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Pink Floyd by Syd Barret, from Genesis to Traffic, from Jetro Tull to Deep Purple, from Rolling Stones of Brian Jones to Fleetwood Mac. Others decided to steal from their lives by taking their supporters the opportunity to hear other pearls, other musical jewels that they could carry on their hearts and hold in the depths of their souls.

Rock cambia pella, radicalmente. On the one hand, artists understand the economic value of their music and try to sell it to the highest bidder, encouraged by the music production companies that had been waiting in the wings for this "leap to maturity". ll Rock Cambia Belle. It'?s musical with the emulsion negative. Rock, understood as a creative and constructive experience, ultimately becomes an "individual" phenomenon with all the socio-economic consequences of the case.

Rock music - understood as a product - has established itself as a mass phenomenon of mass consumption. The fate of rock lies in the hands of producers, professionals, hairdressers: the producer no longer visits the same parties as his protégé and even less shares with him extreme experiences with sex and drugs.

Music is also subject to market plans, statistical analysis and refined strategies with which it is possible to influence the taste of the customer. We must learn to recognize the rock to understand what caused its death. Above all, we must distinguish real music from the many mystifications that the record industry now offers us.

There are bands who suffered before they wrote the lyrics of their songs, artists who went through all the pain of experience before they expressed themselves in words, in sounds. There are instruments that were the musician's prostheses, microphones that vibrated like vocal chords, squares and fields that reflected resonances of real feelings.

That'?s where I' m going, friends. It is this stone that I want to revive with my senses. These are the artists I want to promote, both in music and in life. You' re the one I want to go back to.

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