90s Rock Music

90' s Rock music

The most iconic female front bands of the 90s? G. Casiraghi, 70's Generation Rock, Rome, Editori Riuniti, 2006. Nineties Rock Music, Burnstown, GSPH, 2003. Friday, March 25th, at the LIVE MUSIC CLUB, the Derozers are back!

Consequently, music artists often turned to the weather to inspire their songwriting.


In the 90s the Radioheads enchanted a whole generation of young people with their beloved movie "Karma Police", who stuck to MTV for hours. Marilyn Manson's Lunchbox is a song from 1994 with an autobiographical videotape that describes the singer's childhood in a fight with thugs. Guns N' Roses' Don't Cry is the first in a trilogy with November' Roses and Estrang.

There' a story that leads through the three videos. The song Morning Glory by Oasis takes us back to 1995. Queen's You Don't Folk Me videotape, staged by Mark Szaszy (husband of the famous photographer Corinne Day), takes place in a magical forest and a record. Already at the first notes it can be seen: Narcotic by Liquido is a song of the late 90s, which was on everyone's lips thanks to its catch.

The Come as you are from Nirvana is full of symbolic images. The song is from 1993, featuring a film that anticipates the future and our life in virtual reality. I' m Going Slightly Mad by Queen is a beautiful black and white skirt ballad with a very original black and white clip with crazy contours.

Smashing Pumpkins' Ava Adore begins with vocalist Corgan in a long black gothic dress, it looks like a mixture of vampire and Nosferatu. In the Metallica clip, Sandman is a dark, disturbing, lonely deity. The song Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana appeared a few months before the death of Kurt Cobain and describes the last phase of the singer's life well.

The video clip of Queen's song Innuendo is really mysterious. Guns N' Roses: How did the bride die? The November rain is a song from the 90's that has made history. Nine minutes of pure passion and dedication that tie you to the music and even the video clip!

Soundgarden' music clip Black Hole Sun shows you what the end of the world will look like, with a mixture of apocalyptic, horrific, demential, disturbing and powerful emotional scenes. You' ve seen this tape so many times, but you know what Zombie Cranberries is about? You will remember Dolores O'Riordan's golden look and you will have noticed that the clip is rich in images and historical references as well as many symbols and metaphors.

We all know the song: a 1994 rock ballad with a video clip focusing on a poor romantic. But did you take a good look at the video? Here are the four things you didn't know about Bon Jovis Always video clip.

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