90s Punk Rock Songs

90's Punk Rock Songs

One hundred best rock songs from the 90s to sing on Karaoke. Different styles in Punk/New Wave. 90' bands, in which the music was really good. Musik Songs Heavy Metal Punk Rock Band Logo L-W T-Shirts Iron On Patches In Band. And we talked to the '90s about touring and burritos.

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We are working on giving you more possibilities to accept cookies..... In the meantime, you can choose to accept all or only the cookies required to operate the website. Profilo: Punk rock group from London, Great Britain and Sardinia, Italy. Melodically and hymnally with a contemporary touch on 90s punk rock.

Begun by Andrè Suergiu and Dick Smith out of a sense ofstalgia for the " good old times ". In 2016 Zalu (bass), Sandruino (drums) and Andrea Folino (guitar) joined the group.

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Arrigoni Chiara

B.A. City Factory

The encounter between the singer and songwriter Kiara and the musician Kupo creates an elegant and unmistakable sound. Words and melodies come together from the beginning in search of a harmony that enables the songs to live and vibrate independently of their sound bodies. The interweaving of popular melodies, acoustic sounds and electronic atmospheres lends the project a unique colour.

Kiara and Kupo's work begins in acoustics, with the recording and writing of numerous songs that allow the duet to perform in the main clubs of Milan and the province. In 2007, the first self-produced album was produced, completely arranged by Kiara and Kupo, and they started from this work with the help of other musicians and new technologies to spice up the recorded sounds.

From here, years of intense writing, songs, melodies, musical environments, designs and ideas of all kinds begin, with the sole purpose of being expressive and fixing emotions in the music. Sound research becomes an important process of the project, Kiara and Kupo, in contrast to the early years, begin to generate and adapt perfectly to the sounds, melodies and harmonies of the songs.

The album, released in May 2015, will be recorded, produced and mixed entirely by KNK, only the final process of premastering at Fonologie Monzesi will be done in collaboration with Massimo Faggioni, former sound engineer of Morgan (Bluvertigo). It is a work of 12 original tracks arranged in pop alternative keys, also with the help of Stefano Breseghello (piano, strings) and with the participation of musicians: Stefano Giangregorio (drums), Giacomo Orlandi (bass) and Alessandro Carugo (piano, keyboards), who have accompanied the project for more than two years in real life situations.

At the same time, varies in sounds and ideas. The structure of the songs is always adapted to the melody without predefined patterns. "In 2014 "Wings to Fly" was preceded by a recording with exclusively acoustic guitar and vocals, which Kiara and Kupo absolutely wanted to make. This recording shows the ability and ease of melodic harmonic writing and the essence of the atmospheres and moods of KNK.

More than 50 songs will be recorded in this session, including finished songs and drafts in development. Over the years, the KNK project has made use of the collaboration of musicians and professionals of the calibre Sergio Carnevale (Bluvertigo), Salvo Correri (Ornella Vanoni) and Massimo Faggioni (Morgan).

KNK's music was also the soundtrack to literary performances: the heart of the show Milano Kills Bohème with the writer Andrea Scarabelli, and musical touch to the readings of the poet Stefano Pini. For Andrea Scarabelli, Kiara and Kupo also edited the presentation of the novel Beautiful in collaboration with the actress Debora Mancini.

The sound changes, the electronic component remains, the recording deviates to more introspective and dreamy atmospheres.

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