90s Punk Rock

90's Punk Rock

Bandcard Bravi Tutti 90's Punk; Band, Piacenza, Emilia Romagna; Punkrock, Punk, Pop-Punk . On stage, in scattered order: IDONT (90's punk rock) Rdd (skate rock) Cocks (punk rock from Genoa) Closed Speech (punk rock) A solid deal for a post-punk math rock band from the early 90's, don't you think? A kind of staid affair for early 90s postpunk math rock, don't you think?

The Digawolf's bilingual local garage rock. () Punk / Rock / Grunge / 90s.

Friday Exenzia - Punk Rock 90's Party Exenzia Rock Club

Get ready for the ultimate punk rock party of the 90s: Green Day, Offspring, Blink 182, Rancid and more. It will be an opportunity to dance to the rock/pop/punk music that was depopulated at that time in a dedicated exenzia around the world. To open the dances, there are two excellent Green Day and Blink 182 bands on stage.

All 23 will be featured on the show with X-Kid (Green Day Tribute Band) and Mutt (Blink 182 Tribute). After the show: Rock'n' Punk, Rock, Punk, Punk and Dance'90 music with Antani in the console.

Millenclin + VHS 90's punk rock parties

A great opportunity to hear their latest live release, Tru Brew, released in April last year seven years after the previous release of the " Machine 15 " record, a success that led the Swedish punk rock act to play in front of thousands of hardcore fans around the world.

That' s exactly the reason for waiting, as Mathias Färm, guitarist of the group, says and adds that the group " felt the importance of giving something really strong with the new album". The four musicians from Örebro, the hometown of the group, never stopped and each did their own projects, and it is precisely the fusion of different musical interests and not the origin of the new record.

A homemade record, recorded and produced by the bands themselves, for which Ohlsson developed his graphic skills and took care of the look, the photography and the videos. A clear sign of how united Millencolin is, despite 23 years, 7 albums and more than 1,500 concerts. "We are a group based on mutual respect and understanding and clearly on a passion for rock music".

Return to the 80-90s PUNK-ROCK EDITION - LIVE: X-KID[Green Day Trubute] + MUTT

After the big success of the evening of December 7th back to Exenzia in the evening BACK TO THE '80-'90 and this time in punkrock version! Live double tribute to GREEN DAY and BLINK 182, who left their mark in the 90s with their punk pop/rock. ORIARI AND INSURES : oriari and insures: descrizione: particular guest: dresscode consigliato: prato.

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