90s Punk Bands

90's Punk Bands

Italian historical punk band from Turin, Italy, active between 1984 and 1987, born from the ashes of Blue Vomit. Sounder and more mature than their previous works, this album ranges from classic garage punk to surfing, with a touch of 90s alternative rock. The Punkreas is an Italian punk band. His masterpiece was created at the beginning of the 90s and bears the title "Paranoia e Potere". 1" compilation of French punk bands of the 90's-00's (25 French bands) by The Distillers.

Over 20 bands from all over the world perform on stage.

They come from all over Europe, the United States and Japan. The ridges are (almost) gone, but the passion of old and new punk fans is always the same. In the golden years of wiggling under the stage of Clash, Sex Pistols and Ramones, today to discover new talents who have decided to continue the attitude of a historical genre.

And the whole city of Bergamo, which becomes the stage for one of the most important meetings in the world. In the next four days, from Thursday 13 July to Sunday 16, the second edition of the Punk Rocks Rally will take place. The idea of the event is to bring together the protagonists and fans of this music scene of the last 30 years, to encourage participation from other European countries, to involve the public in multi-day initiatives related to the city of Bergamo (cooperation with hostels and local companies) and the capacity and versatility of the young Edonè (gastronomy, park, markets, family services).

More than 20 bands and artists from all over the world, a mixture of old and new. Frank Portman's Mr. T Experience is one of the pioneering pop punk bands of the 1990s in the Bay Area, as are the legitimate fathers of their fellow citizens and Green Day fans. After more than 20 years they finally return to Europe for an exclusive hit-only show!

The queen of pop music, one of the true heroines of women's skirt, returns to Italy. It was the late 70's when Nikki Corvette released his first album for Greg Shwans BOMP Records: Nikki & The Corvettes. Not just any record, but an LP that would have influenced generations of female rock'n'roll bands: from Go Go's to Muffs, from Donnas (who sang who I want to be Nikki Corvette) to Japanese 5,6,7,8's, Kill Bill's for example.

"The aim this year is to expand the programme, not only by organising more concerts, but also by trying to create more spaces in the city centre - explains Franz Barcella - where the audience (from all over Europe, America and even Japan) can take the opportunity to visit Bergamo and do and see small things outside the main Edonè area.

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