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In the 90's Alternative Rock continued its process of artistic and commercial expansion. Rock; Pop; 90s; 00s;

80s; Hits. 90," according to the liner notes. A complete Rockalbum, as it was to be heard (only) in the 90's. A decade of music is hard to capture in a few photos.

The ten rock records of the 90s that changed the music.

The Olympus of contemporary rock is populated by bands who met the general public in the 90s, and this meeting has become a long love story. The 90s were a decade of the rebirth of rock, but also the years when independent music sold its soul to the music world.

Just look at the bands that now occupy the world's biggest stages and you'll see how important this decade has been in music history. Bands such as Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Muse, Soundgarden, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alanis Morisette and Skunk Anansie, who fed on the energy of the alternative rock scene, were seduced by the glamour of the music industry, signed contracts with multinational record companies and became true rock stars.

Some attributes of this election, the end of indie rock, this kind of music-making, which did not take sales and rankings into account, but that was free expression of power. After the 90s Independent Rock became a synonym for the bestseller. A kind of waiting room before entering the market of music giants and no expressive choice.

However, the transfer of the crazy world of independent music into the market was appreciated by many. The magnetism that has accumulated in the alternative music scene and in ailing concerts has produced contemporary rock stars. Here, in the upper part of the galery, are the ten Rockvinyls of the 90s that were needed to get to know the time when independent music reached the general public and became the history of Rock.

A summary of the 90s rock in ten albums that have become classics.

The 10 best rock bands of the 90s

Those born in the 2000s have not yet had the opportunity to go through this fundamental phase of British culture, which is still talked about with a certain amount ofstalgia, as if it were impossible to go on in those years without looking back at the past, in which undoubtedly the era of the British, the Adidas at their feet, the Walkmans and some of the most influential bands left an indelible mark in the hearts of those who still live and carry on today.

Let's see what the 10 best rock bands of the 90s were. The Gallagher brothers from Manchester have had an amazing success from the start, culminating in the 1996 Knebworth Concert when they played in front of 250000 spectators. It' s a group that has always stood up for Liam's impetuosity, voice and style against Noel's genius and seriousness.

Famous also for participating in the battle of Britpop against their eternal rivals Blur with the song'Roll With it', single from the album'(What's the story) Morning Glory?', which contains world class hits like'Don't look back in agor' and'Wonderwall', they are a timeless success with no middle way: either you love them or you hate them.

Their rise will be a constant one, which will reach its climax with the third recording of the session "Parklife", where we will find ourselves in front of a group whose music denounces the upper middle class, which over-determines English life, which is observed with a distant and cynical attitude. A chameleonic group, which goes from acoustic sounds to the most hammering and psychedelic, through a UK style reminiscent of the distant sounds of the Beatlesis.

Richard Ashcroft's volume begins its activity, which continues in two phases, 1989 to 2009, when the third and final dissolution takes place. Urban Hymns" is the success that allows the group to experience the thrill of commercial success, thanks to the single "Bittersweet Simphony", a bitter-sweet symphony reminiscent of the title that explores the soul of Ashcroft, which remains motionless in a world that moves too fast.

These are the years of the drug experiment, the spiritual phase that enables the group to achieve timeless success. Scottish in origin, with British sounds and a defined quality of tone, Travis is internationally known for this piece that is impossible not to have heard at least once, from the distant 90s, but always topical: "Sing".

Taken from the album "The Invisible Band", "Sing" can be recognized from the first chords, thanks to the introduction played by the band and the bizarre music clip, in which the strangest banquet in history takes place, in which not only a monkey appears, but the guests, despite all expectations, fight a real battle with the food.

Take David Bowie's musical style, contaminate him with the Smiths' and the result will be Brett Anderson's group. Whether it was a media movement from the record industry or a real style trend, one could not speak of British pop without reminding one of those groups that left their mark by mixing English sounds with a glam-rock style typical of the late 80s.

As a symbol of transgression and censorship, Suede are undoubtedly among the loudest bands. The forerunners and antagonists of Nirvana have spread all over the world, stylizing grills that screamed like a revolt, music that denounces social problems. With an unmistakably warm voice, the young Eddie Vedder begins with "Ten", his debut album, which is still considered one of the best in the history of rock, for the guitar solo in "Alive" and for the restlessness caused by "Black", the workhorses of their concerts.

This is a new act, but there's a familiar face: Dave Grohl. Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl was able to load the success of the group that had brought him the success onto his shoulders and he managed to realize a new musical project that unexpectedly took on a global dimension and almost managed to replace Kurt Cobain's late group.

The perfect demonstration that each end corresponds to a new beginning; Foo fighters have managed, thanks to the energy of a revolutionary rock that is becoming more and more dynamic year after year, to break through and go through ballads, now called "Learn to fly" and "Everlong", to arrive at a scream and an ever more current "run".

Those who have been involved with Smashing Pumpkins certainly know the feeling of melancholy and restlessness that their songs can awaken in the hearts of those who listen to them. A sadness that gets angry on the extraordinary double record "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" from 1995, which was also her greatest record success.

An unforgettable and timeless group. It is impossible to talk about the 90s without referring to one of the most famous bands of the time: Cranberries. The key to Cranberries' success has always been the simplicity that has led to pieces that are not too complex, but are permeated by the sometimes Celtic sounds typical of Irish culture.

Speaking at the most complex social dynamics, the group was able from the beginning to mark and maintain their own style. Brian Molko's group was born in England in 1994, after a chance meeting between singer and bassis/guitarist Stefan Olsdal at South Kensington metro station in London.

Thus began their collaboration, which will lead to a style with romantic and bright features, alternating with more distorted and darker sounds. Molko's statements about her supposedly androgynous nature, her aspect of a young, dark and tormented person who projects the result of her torments onto pieces like "Running Up That Hill", covers of Kate Bush's songs, "Million Little Pieces" or "Song to Say Goodbye".

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