90 Punk Bands

ninety punk bands

Punk Revival is essentially a term that refers to a current that refers to the revival of old punk rock sounds in a modern key: it is not only a rock icon, but also the godmother of much of female punk. Big Pyramid Rivets new Punk Rock Goth Emo Gothic Rivets Biker GUAM Retro FIXING Other Leather Accessories Leatherworking Accessories. Biography] BURN-167: "A band of punk and alternative influences combining 90s pop-punk and indie" was a real achievement in the 90s.

The Spezia - City in a music project

Fallout Out, also known as Fallout, is an Italian punk band that was born in La Spezia in 1979. In 1982 they recorded their first self-produced album with the same title, 7? with songs in Italian and English. He began a Italian concert touring, also participating in the festival L'Offensiva di Primavera, a three-day musical program in the Virus in Milan.

In 1985 the second self-produced LP "Insurrezione" was released on cassette, while the first LP "Mondo criminale", released by Cobra Records, dates back to 1988.


Quite simply: there was ferment, the desire to make oneself heard and to do something, there was energy and above all many, many, many young people who supported. Besides the bands, there were also people behind the scenes who were willing to bang: Fashion brands like Ammonia, Tube, Agitato, Riot, Wynona Records and KOB, to name just a few, independent bookings agencies, places that have become history (from the Rainbow Club to downtown C.S. Leonkavallo), fanzines and magazines (who remembers Rock Sounds Special Punk?!), in short, things that have been lost today, apart from a few seldom situations.

Okay, do you want to talk about bands? Let's start with the group that more than any other hurt the hearts of the children of that time: the Punkreas. Are you Nomi Ska-oriented? In this genre you can say everything about it, but back then these bands danced and sang like few others, including protest songs and others from the lyrics (see Vallanzaska case), who can't even put together "Popstar made in Italy" today in the course of their career.

But punk was a desire for concerts, pogos and much more: even though they weren't noble prizes in literature, the pornivists today remember them even more than willingly (they were perhaps the most punk among punks to think about them), with Tommi's voice (and sometimes incomprehensible) and her kind, "serious" ("The Last Seconds", "All Equal") and ignorant ("I'm Your Type", "Kasellante") at the same time.

And finally there were examples like Paolino Paperino Band, Paolino Paperino Band, Paolino Polecats, Paolino Polecats and Paolino Polecats, three more names that the most attentive of you will know well. Italy's punkrock was that and much more, as evidenced by names that will forever remain indelible in the alternative Italian scene, such as FFD, Gasnervino, Crummy Stuff, Succo Marcio, Duff, Banda Bassotti, L'Invasione Degli Omini Verdi, Cattive Abitudini, Melt, Gambe Di Burro, Impossibili, (Gli) Ignoranti, Latte+, Manges, Marsh Mallows, Peawees and Razzi Totali.

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