80s Punk Songs

80's punk songs

Dear Skin & Punk I recommend you to have this disc at any price! Punk skate band from San Jose, CA. Very active in the early 80s. 1st Elettro Punk Show from the 80s. 80's style punk and hardcore band formed by veterans of the scene.

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I have never been an easy prey for nostalgic operations and I trust you that the first time I came across this record I had some doubts.... after a few seconds of listening I changed my mind immediately. 80's is a group of " Oi karoke!"... a group that was born from the ashes of 2 Italian bands that have written history, but I do not say their names in terms of the anonymity desired by the group.

In short, these 4 impolite guys found themselves in the recording studios and after a handful of rehearsals they recorded this first 15 covers record of 100% Italian Oi!..... in short, 15 songs from the repertoire of the bands who wrote our history. Not to mention the songs about drugs like "Basta con la polvere" by Basta or "Droga arma del potere" by Rip Off.... there was no lack of "Hurra zum Ritter" by Erode to show that nothing has changed since 94.

All songs are played correctly with the original tone set and without distortion... of course the power output is really high. Dear skins & punk I recommend you to have this disc at any price!

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