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We have talked about these columns several times in the 80's and from time to time introduced you to the most famous singers or bands of that time. The youth revolt against consumerism and conformism, a phenomenon that was reversed in the 80s with the spread of glam and pop rock. Pictures and videos of rock music from the legendary 70s and 80s | More ideas for concert posters, music and rock posters. When you want to download 80's rock music from the Internet, it's pretty easy. Rock;

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The songs for rock lovers of the 80s

The songs have sometimes become more catchy and less complicated to meet the needs of record companies and the new musical tastes of the community; the guitars have continued to roar and mix with new sounds like synthesizers.

In the 80s there are some great albums of artists who were already active in the last decade, like Queen, David Bowie or AC/DC, who put themselves to the test and experimented with different sounds without losing their peculiarities. These were also the years in which the success of bands such as Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, O2 and Aerosmith consolidated and also reached the top of the world rankings thanks to their charismatic leaders.

New bands and artists will also emerge and create a musical trend that will shape the entire 80s. We have chosen 20 songs that were the protagonists of the decade from'80 to'89, highlighting the many facets of rock of those years: from hard rock to heavy metals, from punks to new waves.

Eighties rock classics. Best hits of the eighties.

The 1980s were one of the most significant decades in the history of rock. According to many, they were even among the most important of all times in a story that gradually lost its content and quality. During this decade some of the most beautiful and important songs of the rock world were released.

Here are some of the classic 80's rock we refer to! The first rock classic of the 80s to which we refer is Bruce Springsteen's born in The USA. Boss couldn't use a more explosive and iconic song to honor the decade.

It was 1984 and 34 years later we still remember this great masterpiece of the American. There have been many important Queen songs in recent years: Just think of Under Pressur - made by the British group with David Bowie - in 1981.

One of the most representative representatives of the classic 80s rock is definitely Radio Ga Ga Ga Ga. To understand the meaning of this song in music history, think only of those who, thanks to this song, chose their own pseudonym before becoming one of the most famous icons in the world. By changing the musical genre, culture and structure, we move from the New Age to the pure punks of Clash.

The masterpiece of the 1982 Should I Stay or Should I Go. We come to one of the most popular and representative bands of the end of the last century, the Guns N' Roses. Considering that the band's debut record, Appetite for Descruction, was released in 1987, there are two things to consider: the first is that the Guns' was a last blow of the 80's (in fact, from a cultural point of view, we have come closer to the next decade); the second is that the whole record can be counted among the classic 80's rock.

The musical world has not only changed drastically since 1984; this date is no coincidence, but also coincides with the release of the single Purple Raindi Prince. It is the most representative song of the American singer-songwriter, with which the artist conquered the world and - at least for a moment - made himself his own.

We are not really in the 80s, but we can make the exception of considering in this decade the 1979 masterpiece by Pink Floyd recorded in Another Brick in The Wall. Revolutionary spirit, student disputes, the desire for freedom and much more: these are the themes that make up the great song that has found its way into the minds of all people.

This is one of those 80's rock classics that will remain in the minds and hearts of all rock lovers and beyond. You couldn't exclude Iron Maiden from that ranking. The British Heavy Metals bands are certainly an antithetical track in this chart compared to those we've seen before.

Indeed, the song (also closer to the 90s than to the current decade) speaks of a young man obsessed with visions that drive him crazy. The last song of this special ranking of the classic Rock'80s is the famous Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi. The song - which speaks of an unfortunate relationship between the two protagonists due to economic difficulties - is a good example of real music: success, chart leadership and all awards were just the right consequence.

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