80 Punk Rock Bands

Eighty punk rock bands

In the early 80's perhaps the best known were New Wave, but heavily independent punk rock and hardcore bands like these made vital music. Includes 30 tracks from 1979 - 80 of this mythical Italian punk band. Mano Dipinto a band patch lo scontro punk rock 80s. In ltd.ed.

the 7" on the Italian-American label of the excellent S.Diego band, which mixes 70s funk, 60s psych and 80s punk and new wave. A mix of Jovem Guarda + Punk Rock + Reggae + Post Punk + Pop.

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One of the things we definitely want to preserve is the experience we have when we accept a movement like punk rock. Yes, because whatever we say, among all the "movements", punk rock is the one that has been able to renew itself the most, to innovate and really keep up with time without ever losing sight of the bigger picture (except in some cases that we won't discuss in this room because we don't really care).

Punk's gone, Altro cheese. Just think of the historical, cultural and social reasons that gave rise to it, the London taken by the grip of the murderer, the massacred and desecrated working class, and then think of what punk rock is today. Punk in Sardinia: Try to imagine King Cross in 76 to 77, concerts in London clubs, dyed hair, nubbed leather jackets and necklaces!

Okay, now that you have imagined it, you know that all this was not there in Cagliari, Nuoro, Olbia, Sassari and everywhere in Sardinia. But despite everything the seed of punk rock crept in the young Sardinia at the end of the 70s. Punk rock's a busy thing.

Since we don't have big news about the Sardinian bands of the late 70's and early 80's, we will only remember some attempts in Cagliari, Abort Slut (a group of geeks recycled in punk from sex pistols clash) and Demodè, groups that more or less started with punk and then, as in the latter case, plunge into the new trend that was so fashionable back then!

In the early 80's the No Moss started their first steps, which soon changed their name to something like Guest of Destiny, and which are remembered by those who were goth or post-punk at that time. From this group came several members of important bands of the Campidan scene like United and Honey Moon Flowers and at the end of the 90s the Gods of Gamble.

Around'82, the first line up was formed by SS-20, a punk group that was then converted to oi!, where several famous characters from the subterranean Cagliari played. From this group came future members of Five for Garage, Jo Perrino and the Mellotones, High Voltage, Out, Lilly's Brothers and others. From this group there is a demonstration of hard to find and a wonderful piece on vinyl in the Punk oi! collection of 84 "Quelli Che Ulano Ancora", released by C.A.S. Recordings of Bologna and recently re-released by Oi! Strike/ Hellnation Rem.

Around 1986, SS-20 changed their name to Clap Trap and printed an album entitled "This is the Italien sound" (1986) with songs from the old repertoire, but also new material to be considered as one of the best works in the field of Punk oi! in Italy of those years! In short, Cagliari didn't back down and fortunately found minds willing to embrace the punk rock movement.

The youth movement of Cagliari was very lively and the concerts very crowded. Normally we played at school meetings, the clubs that still played little, or at unity festivals, which until the early 90s were an excellent meeting place for young people from all over Sardinia.

There they began to see the first shows of foreign groups (soldier of fate, celibate rifles...) and the peninsula (Skiantos, Lutichroma, Not moving ect.). We are in 84 and begin the first steps of Rosa delle Ceneri, from whom Hannibal the Cannibal is born in 90 years, and Soleminis Wicked Apricots, a group that is exceptionally long lasting and productive, with a myriad of lives and records in the background!

Worth mentioning in the garages sector are two excellent formations that have written history in Italy, the Five For Garages in Capoterra and the uninvited in Cagliari. The first one with several demos and a participation in the album " Neolithic Sounds from South Europe! of Electric Eyes Recorded in'88 and "Arezzo Wave" always in '88.

After the group was dissolved, they founded Surfin Bones with a surf-punk sound and a short life, then the singer became a permanent bassist with G.o.G. in 2000. They always remember their burning shows with pleasure and in a nostalgic way, they only recorded a hard to find demo with this line-up, but at the beginning of the 90s, also because of the death of their drummer Efisio, they stopped for a while and then reappeared as a garages-surfband in 1993, became one of the best European bands of this genre and printed several LPs and 7".

We are in the late eighties and early nineties in Cagliari are two of the best punk groups we have ever had, Braves (with a demo tape to his honor) and insidia (a demo), from the dissolution of these two bands will be born Virus (a piece on the lp Fabbrikabulloni compilation) and Clonmacnoise, also important for the straight-edge scene of Cagliari, with several recordings on the back!

The Psychobilly section, on the other hand, saw Nervous Madmen go mad, a great single demonstration honoring the Dogs from Robbery who came out and turned into Sikitikis. Another key group of the early 90s were the Splatterheads from Villasor, Hard Core veined with Accused and D.R.I. Trash Style, their concerts were devastating, they recorded a demonstration and then split up.

In ' 93 Ugly Faces try to set up a ladder full of punk hardcore to sow panic in the concerts, don't remember if they ever went live, but instead the quality of the group more than well. Out of this union, with a loose group, the Nitrosomones were born, an O.C. style hardcore group awaiting the melodic h.c. punk booming a few years later.

Even before Nofx or OFFRING clarified this sounds, Cagliari already had their own group. The Nitrosomones unfortunately only played at Viterbo's Campus with a demonstration and a 7" for the Applequince rev. and also played with bands of the caliber Down by Law or Whatever and at the end of the 90's restructured formations also recorded an album, which never saw the light of day.

The Nitrosomonen gave birth to the Non Idonei (a demonstration and a 7"), oi! punk tape, which for six years sounded broad and long in Sardinia and gave a good name to the skinhead style, which in those years was regarded only as close to the totalitarian ideologies of the right and with lyrics dedicated to racism.

Always in the mid 90's you could count dozens of punk groups in the south of Sardinia, I think of: Senso Unico (a demonstration and a 7" splits with Blue Cloud), Ansia, Without Sence and Fry up by Assemini, Spinsters by Soleminis, Arte del Fallimento, P.N.D.

In the 90s, in Cagliari and the rest of Sardinia, the clubs where you could play were full of good bands and listeners, especially with the attitude that the punk of the 90s were more dedicated to the cause than their predecessors, who were not too close to the prevailing trends.

At the end of the 90's the garages scene had their groups with veterans and already mentioned United, The Insensible Eggs changed into sleepingwalkers and then into rippers, and the Trip movers (a few 7" also for them). New bands were born in the late 90s, including Gods of Gamble with former members of former members of Cast of Destiny, Five for garage, Nitrosomones and Clonmacnoise.

From ' 99 to 2012 this group recorded two LPs, a 7", which was shared with the Americans White Banner and a participation in a live album. Not to be missed are other remarkable bands: Rippers, killers garages bands, with hundreds of lives in Italy, Europe and even in America and several record productions; geeks punk bands also with several concerts and records behind them; Hangee V also their various records and living on the peninsula and in Europe, and finally Emotionz, born from a rib of G.

O.G. and not invited, with a discotheque record in recognition of the for months record and several participations in the Italian rally modes and garages. Finally Wahrheit in meine Händen, Old School Hardcore committed and straightforward, with several concerts in Europe and a record behind it, then renamed Gold Kids in the new millennium!

In the north of the island there were great contributions to the cause: towards the end of the 80s one of the most influential bands of the Sardinian scene, Siniscola, Kenze Neke, the sounds of "Clashian" and busy lyrics began. They will record many records to this day and play hundreds of concerts in Sardinia, Italy and even Europe.

A punk rock fight with never trivial lyrics and a thousand reflections for young and old. In 2006, from these two groups the KNA project was born, destined to become a real group. Keret Korria, born 1990, come from the same country, they played stretch-punk and shka hard-core, the first album was released in May 1993 "no to fascism no to racism" and the second in 2000 "Radio Sardigna".

During the performance the group burned a half American and half Soviet flag on stage. They probably gave us the first real Punk Sarda (On Our Skin) demonstration in 1983 and took part in the English Pax album " It' Rolls to the Goons... " together with important names in the world punk scene of those years!

Then there was proto-punk Rust, who later merged with the onion head to produce the legendary Gavino and the Caciocappellas, a versatile training group open to the low point of all the group postures of the'90s with a particular rage on metal and freak. In the early 90's saw a new wave of punk rock and punk bands, mainly inspired by Californian punk: New Direction, Boars Nest, Jack & Spinotto and Rodeo Clown the most active bands.

They were massively influenced by bands like Lagwagon, Pennywise, Bad Religion, but also Green Tag, offspring and Nofx. There were other small bands, many meteors that disappeared without a trace, and above all an infinity of concerts. The Funcoolers, one of the first real punk bands, born in 1993 from the ashes of onion heads and still active today, deserve a special mention.

The fun coolers propose a punk rock very much Ramonesiano first introduced demential in the punk rock assarese of the text panel. Their rivalry with Rodeo Clown is historic, it seems that it is based on the authorship of the comic style that has always distinguished the posters of both bands. In spring 1995 the first skinhead appeared in Sassari and with him the Oi! band. For 10 years, from 1995 to 2005, Adunata rode the city punk scene, years in which the scene expanded and reached its peak from 2000 to 2003.

Many were the oi! bands born in those years under pressure of the Adunata: 4 Muslims, Kuntra (politicized to independence of Sardinia), Kumbatta Oi! Nobody's Heroes (later Monday Players), and some meteors like Red Riot (inspired by oi! and Hardcore), or Right Right-Los Frangettas'69, a group of members of Adunata and Funkcoolers, inspired by the themes of "Clockwork Orange", and dedicated to a very fast punk in the style of Adicts/Hauptunfall.

The Adunata have been the backbone of the city for many years; their formation over the years has contributed to the formation of parallel bands such as 4 Moors and Kumbatta Oi! When they separated, they had 2 demonstration tapes (Demo 96 and 97), a Split with the Cagliari group Non Idoeni, a 99 CD demonstration (You have to resist) and a CD with a Sulcis group, Antiruggine, politicized (extreme left) as Adunata, which kept a less political line over time.

The 4 Moors were a very popular group, with a hard tone and a charismatic front man with an angry voice. They split up in 2005, after numerous concerts on the island and after producing a 7-part demo that never saw the light of day. It was a mix of more rock influences and aggressive lyrics.

Although their record "Sotto il sinuo cielo" was well received by critics and audiences, the group soon disbanded in 2011. On the most extreme side of the Sassari punk scene, Donkey Kong was characterized by a hard-core in the style of Cro-Mags.

They are active between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s and produce a demo tape with the coverage of the "hard times" of the above mentioned Cro-Mags. Important bands in the Sassariorama were Umiliati and Offesi. Other bands that crowded the stages between Sassari, the interior and the neighbouring countries at the beginning of 2000 were Antimanifesto, a stubborn old schools group from Sorso, Per Niente Buoni, then 4 Bed Guys, "sons" of the first wave punk town and also influenced by Californian punk, paksim, punk harddcore from the Martis/Nulvi area and upset, melodic harddcore.

At the moment HC New is the most popular punk rock group in the province's scenery; the only punk group left seems to be Regress, a very young Alghero hard-core old-grade school band with a dark flag/D taste. O.A. On the northeast coast, however, the ferment registers a full activity in Olbia, always a punk rock city, given the high number of children and bands that have given and continue to give the scene.

Immediately Olbia made a valuable contribution to the scene. The first punk rockers were already wandering through the old town at the end of the 1970s. In fact, the first punk rock group was born immediately: RUD. They played cover songs of English bands and then immediately unreleased songs. During these years the Nuevrotic Youth (formerly Nuevrotic Sperma) were already very active and offer a very classified punk-carage, which is sung in Italian and with an excellent technique.

In Olbia, however, there was no club available to make room for punk rock bands. As a reminder, in the ferment of the late 80s and early 90s, the A Clockwork Orange, always from Olbia, hardcore punk of purely European origin, with vocals in Italian. They released a demonstration that was well received and rated by Italian fanzines and Max Rock'n'Roll, a Californian fanfare that is still active today, which is nothing more than the best punk rock fanfare in the world.

During these years he also boasted of Delirium Tremens, a group dealing with punk/trash with gothic/dark influences. They also released a demonstration video and played at the many rock festivals that took place in the 90s in very active Sardinia. Padru's Quartz was also part of the scene at Ölbiese, which was founded around 1985 and is also quite productive in terms of recordings and longevity.

The Padrese scene and thus the Olbeiese scene also included the D.D.T. Punk/oi group, which also toured the island for several years. Born in 1990, the group went hand in hand, on stage, with Arancia Meccanica and Delirium Tremens. In the city in the northeast, we remember the mobs in the half '90s.

They offered melodic punk rock with hard core influences from the western hemisphere. Back in productive Olbia, from the mid 90's to the early 2000's, the scene was played on bands like Antristress, Psiche 4, Sunkandy. It ranged from the melodic hard-core of the first to the most stubborn punk rock of the last, which led through the punk of Psiche 4.

From these bands came some others, such as M. a. f. e. Today a large part of the members of these bands are part of other formations. Perfect N.Y. style hard-core.

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