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Eighty punk skirt

who committed suicide between 79 and 80 years ago. He is Spear (vocals, guitar) who is ready to play some of the genres he loves again: hardcore, metal, thrash 80, punk. Guarda la nostra selezione: 80s jacket punk rock. Being punk wasn't just a fashion. *Spatial Edition* Punk Rock (DIPINTO A MANO) 60x80 cm.

The Devo Tunto Al Punk

More and more often I talk to my colleagues about music, albums, tastes and guitars. It seems, however, that all thirty-year-olds, or almost like me, have completely forgotten that they were not teenagers between 1969 and 1975. Today I want to come out: When I play guitar, it's punk rock that's to blame!

The calculation is soon completed, to be thirty or almost 2017 means to be born between the 80s and 90s, to have to wait until the 2000s to see the first mustaches appear and therefore to be interested independently in music and no longer to be cared for by the parents. It' hard to forget what music was like at the turn of the century.

For the cool ones who wanted to escape from Tunz-Tunz or from our melodies, there was only one way out: punk rock and all its declensions. I don't remember a single classmate who didn't know the lyrics of "The Rock Show" at all or who didn't rest on "Prettyly Fly For A White Guy".

But it seems that pop-punk, or punk rock or whatever you want to call it, is a taboo topic for children of the 80s. Anyone born in the late '80s with a guitar, bass or drums in their hands lies and says they did it because they heard a song by Hendrix, a rhythm by Led Zeppelin or the evergreen "Ah, the only one by Comfortably Numb!

Is it possible that I'm the only one who got a stretch-like guitar because it was Tom Delong's guitar? Apparently it's worth it to say something like that, to admit that punk rock has left traces deep within us is not "rock". To make pop-punk ideal for young people in the year 2000, it is not difficult to understand.

From " All The Small Things ", in which Blink grabbed all boybands of the new millennium with a stupid and desecrating text by the ass, up to " " "Minority " by Green Day with a great text, which has dedicated itself to the flattening of the society and the desire to break off and divide everything. In the end it is the result of an evolution that has been able to take over the unmistakable characteristics of the real punk, the sex pistols, the Ramones, rough, hard and pissed off, to lead him into the new millennium.

It was the new youth of rock, more than rock as a teenager, and for me as for so many others, I'm sure he learned to play guitar! That you then, like I did, first to go to old school old school metal, then to go to go to Toto to go to blue, to go to radio and finally to go to love Rihanna, don't forget, dear 30 year old, that you gave all the money to the stars in the year 2000.

Little Postille: Yes, I mixed the term punk rock with Pop-Punk.

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