80 Punk Bands

Eighty punk bands

printed over the years: the classic "Rock 80", "Anthology" to play some of the genres he loved the most: Hardcore, Metal, Thrash 80, Punk. as a reference to the same music scene: the Yugoslav scene of the 80s. Eighty men for the Ramones. An epic e-book that tells the story of Vicenza's punk rock.

Five punk groups that made history.

It was 1981, and even then there was a need to say that punk wasn't dead, that the new trend that broke out in 1976 wouldn't give in yet. In fact, as early as 1979, the first wave of punk was exhausted, and the scene began to fill with new sounds, often derived from punk, but very different.

In the 80s, 90s and 00s it was then discovered that faster and harder skirt was a wave and would come into fashion again, even if it was configured differently. But today we want to stay at the beginning of this movement, i.e. the punk groups that have written the history of skirt thanks to innovative albums and in advance.

Founded in 1974 in New York, and more precisely in Queens, the Ramones were the first and perhaps most revolutionary group in the punk scene, not only in America, but worldwide. Four original components: Joey Ramone (pseudonym of Jeffrey Ross Hyman), Johnny Ramone (John William Cummings), Dee Dee Dee Ramone (Douglas Glenn Colvin) and Tommy Ramone (Tamás Erdély).

After a good portion of training the first Ramones record was released in 1976. This record already has the quintessence of the group. He was later replaced by Marky Ramone just before the release of End of the Century, the last great success of 1980. After that 9 more albums were released, but with more modest results.

Until 1996 the group continued to play. A few years later Joey, Dee Dee Dee (who left the group in 1989), Johnny and recently Tommy died. If the Ramones are considered the first true American punk group, the corresponding English title can only be given to the Sex Pistols.

However, the founding members were not the ones who achieved great success. Besides singer Johnny Rotten, guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook, the first version of the group saw bassist Glen Matlock in its ranks, who was replaced shortly afterwards by Sid Vicious. The members were very young and their parable was particularly fast.

The first album was released in 1977: Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, which immediately reached number one in the British charts. At the end of 1978, just twelve months later, Johnny Rotten left the group, which disbanded at the beginning of the following year. In 1979, Sid Vicious died of an OD that was just 21 years old and closed a parable that would go down in history.

Since then the group has produced several reunions, especially in the 90s and 2000s. When the Sex Pistols burned fast, The Crash managed instead to enter into the graces of British random punks and critics for a decade. The latter two left the group in 1983 and 1982 respectively and were temporarily replaced by Nick Sheppard and Vince White the former and Terry Chimes (who was also the band's first drummer) and Pete Howard the latter.

Following a concert touring with the Sex Pistols, The Crash released their first record in 1977. Even better was Give'Em Enough Rope, who finished 2nd in England (highest result ever for the band). The real hump, but the four placed it at London Calling, 1979.

Very good they also became Sandinista! from 1980 and especially Combat Skirt from 1982. When in New York, in an intellectually lively scene, the first germs of punk skirt with stars and stripes were born, it was in California that they fermented. Here, thanks to the work of guitarist Greg Ginn, the Black Flag was born, one of the first hard-core punk bands in history.

Besides Ginn, who was the only permanent member of the group over the years, Henry Rollins - the singer of the first important albums -, bassist Chuck Dokowski, drummer Bill Stevenson and many others also play in Black Flag for a long time. A mixture of genres and experiments, which became more and more intense in the 80s with the change of bandmembers.

One of the most beautiful albums to mention was Slip It In from 1984, although it was the first record to be dissolved in 1986. In 2013, however, the group got together again and released an Album called What the.... which was actually quite disappointing. Also from California, but from the San Francisco area, comes the last of our five bands, Dead Kennedys.

Founded in 1978, when the punk wave began to show signs of fatigue, DK tried to connect New York's intellectualism with the energy of the West Coast. They made their debut in 1980 with Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, a fundamental album in the hard-core scene. The next record, 1982, Plastic Surgery Disasters, was also excellent, followed by Franconian Christian and Bedtime for Democracy between 1985 and 1986.

In 2001, however, the founding members decided to reunite with the new singer Brandon Cruz, who will soon be replaced by Ron Greer. The four have continued to play in this new line-up in recent years and have also released some live albums.

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