70s Rock Music

70's rock music

Find the perfect stock photo of 70s rock music. The Subsonica are an electronic rock band founded in Turin in 1996. Vietnam war music | Best rock music of all times | 50's 60's and 70's Rock and Roll. The Delirium is a progressive rock music group, known especially for the song "Jesahel". The group is for everyone who likes to listen to and dance to the music of legendary rock bands of the 70s, 80s & 90s.

The great rock of the 70s: the most famous songs

If the sixties somehow experienced the birth of rock, the seventies are the years of the true consecration of this genre and those in which it took on the form and characteristics that characterize it to this day. During this decade, rock changed its forms, grew and developed in an impressive way: there are many bands that succeed by changing the face of music, from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Door.

Unlike the last decade, which was characterized by a more entertaining and carefree form, the rock of the 70s is an experiment, it is complexity, it becomes an instrument to express important messages, and it reflects society (not for nothing are they the years of the birth of punks) and the success of "uncomfortable" and hairless singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan or Neil Young.

We have collected in this play list some of the most important and important songs that were released between 70 and 79.

Testi Album: Rocker - Best of Classic Rock Music Top Hits 60 70 80 (La Mejor Música Rock Grandes Éxitos de los 60 70 80) The Roll Songs Rocker

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