70 Punk Bands

Seventy Punk Bands

More ideas about 70s punk, Johnny Rotz and music. But in spite of everything, the seed of punk rock crept in the young Sardinia at the end of the 70s. Punk 70 Rock Scarpe Crepe George Flat Vintage Back Creepers Uk Cox Rare 80 ~ 7 qwgzwYX. Punkrock, a return to garage rock of the 60's, came into being at the end of the 70's as a reaction to rock arena, progressive rock and disco. musical, but also in the culture of that time in the mid 70's.

Seventies punkrocking and influences on look and lifestyle

Only those who don't understand or don't want to understand cannot recognize the emotional, cultural and artistic effects of punk rocking on society in the middle of the last century. The perception that a perfect model of society, previously characterised by a booming economy (think of the 1960s) and a conservative bourgeois culture, is initially perceived by the younger population groups, who are beginning to express a kind of unease through music, poetry and the look.

Two geographical areas that seem to be divided by an ocean that begins to fill with the signs of this movement that we remember today and that we mainly hear the musical expression, but which at that moment were also so marked by the complete glances that wrote history in their own way.

As expected, there was anger, discomfort, a desire for protest, and among the first punk rock bands of the '60s and '70s and their loyal followers, these emotions emanated through the adoption of clothing that was then defined as raw and dirty. Actually, these definitions did not always go into the depths of these looks, which often contained references to working class clothing mixed with typical bourgeois clothing such as ties and jackets, but parodied by the punk style through the adaptation of rivets and brooches.

To understand how close the channel of connection that linked the world of punk music production to the field of creative art that has now been created internally, it can be useful to consider a name: Malcolm McLaren. He may say little about it, but this man has great merits in world music history because he was the man who created the Sex Pistols by mixing feedbacks, white noise and distortion with the voices of some extraordinary artists who, along with The Damned, The Clash and The Strangers, represent the first and best expression of punk with stars and stripes.

He was the husband of Vivienne Westwood, who from the 1960s until today was able to lend a "fashionable" dimension to the musical phenomenon. This intolerance, this music and the style of those years are today profound testimonies in the youth culture and in the style of those young people who still decide to vote for their view of the cannons of punk rocking.

It is no longer necessary to walk around the back of the Nothing Hill shops in London to find them, but only to look on the web to buy them: there are many fashion portals where there are also punk skirt creations of the big brands. Take Versace's proposed leather mishort, McQ's colored sweatshirts with psychedelic motifs, Yves Saint Laurent's complete looks with shiny black leather boots from an unexpected brand like Chanel, or Yves Saint Laurent's magical references to fetishes (another great inspiration for punk skirt fashion), who in recent years had proposed a mini dress clearly inspired by the style of the 1960s, in which the skirt was made with clever belts and buckles at the bottom.

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