60s Rock Music

60's rock music

On this page you will find profiles of rock musicians of the 1960s who are updated around the clock. Skirt top garage rock/psych rock 60's/70's. Best-of-50, Best-of-60, Best-of-70, Vietnam War Music, 70s Rock, 60s Rock, 50s Rock N Roll, 60s Music, 70s Music, 50s Music, 50s Music, 50s Hits, 60s Hits. A night of the 50's & 60's Rock'n'Roll in favour of Marie Curie. Springfield Buffalo Rock N Roll, Neil Young, Rock Psichedelico, Rock Band, Pianeti.

Vedremo Ci Domani - The Rokes 4 Ever - Classical 60's Beat Music - PLAYaudio | Canzoni Anni '60

Sandus - 50 Trumpet Sound Speedazz - Massimo Faraò Trio (feat. Giampaolo Cas..... Loving someone like me - Lovers live longings - Don Reid - Country Music PL..... And La Chiamano Summer - Giro D'Italia A Musical Journey In 100 Songs ..... Fifty smooths easy jazzmusic 2 - Massimo Faraò ft Nicola Barbon e Marco Tolotti .....

The Vento Nel Vento - La Chitarra di LUCIO singt Es ti - Massimo Luca - Pu..... <font color="#ffff00">A Fine Romance - Pieces by... 90 - Teddy Reno - Songs from the 50's and 60's <font color="#ffff00">PLAY.... Tribute To Neapolis (Caffé Amaro) - Verona beat Liv 2016 - Grande Music..... Vuje Dicitencello - Naples - Le Canzoni Napoletane di Bobby Solo - PLAYa.....

Tell me you're telling me - Denise King - Song with love - Soul R&B Smooth jazz - Pic.... Dedicated to my girl - Bitter coffee - The Magi and Dino - Bitter coffee -....... Once in my life - 50 trumpets smooth jazz- M. Faraò Trio (feat. jiam.....


The MINIGONNE were born at the end of 2007 as an inspiration for the Alexandrian Spring Beat Vol.2 festival: Daniela Caschetto, bassist and cellist from Novara, a passionate sixties beater musician, decided on the advice of the organizer of the event to found a purely feminine group. The debut, which took place on 29 March 2008, was received with great enthusiasm in order to persuade the girls to continue the project and expand the repertoire from beats to most of the popular hits that are always strictly 1960s.

Listen to the skirts: Adobe Flash Player is not installed or older than version 9.0.115! L'ultimo Amore (Everlasting Love) 3'13" In seven years of activity they have entered important stages, including the Tarragon in Bologna, L'Hiroshima Mon Amour in Turin, Le Scimmie in Milan and the Ferrara Music Park, were open act for I Giganti, have played at the X Scooter Rally,

International event on the island of Elba, the sixth and tenth edition of the Blu Bar in Francavilla al Mare (CH) and some evenings in the province of Padua of "Yesterday today and always" organized by RabioBirikina along with many original performers of the glorious sixties. On April 20, 2012 they took part in the "Spring Concert" at the Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo, where, accompanied by the Orchestra of San Remo, they took part in the stage with artists of the caliber P.F.M. and the stadium.

Among others, they recorded the song "L'ultimo amore", an Italian version of "Everlasting Love" by Love Affair, which was a success by the Ricchi e Poveri in Cantagiro '67. From November 10th to 16th'09 the rotation covered the English webradio "Mod Radio Uk" and was included in the composition "Primavera Beat International Dance 2007/2009", which includes historical names like Gene Guglielmi and Michael Avvoltoi.

LeMINIGONNE's repertoire consists of rock songs that were originally translated into English, as he did at the time, as well as domestic danceable popular hits from the sixties. At the end of 2014 the collaboration with the Turin company Re Beat begins, which has the same passion for the fabulous sixties.

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