60s Punk Rock

60's Punk Rock

Dj, who will choose with his vinyl the best tracks of Californian Punk, Rock'n'Roll and Revival 60's. At Mondo Topless Punk Rock we have updated their cover picture. Blue veins and 60s embroideries form an essential outline. Produced by Andrea Manges and Alex Bounty, pop-punk with strong surf influences and 60s. A lot of punk rock, often ironic lyrics, a pinch of ska and the charm of 60's rock'n'roll characterize us.

Vintage Punk Rock Vintage Rock

The music refers to the golden years of Rock'N'Roll 50s and 60s, the most beautiful and unrepeatable time in the history of rock music. Not only the great classics, but also the little-known songs, which are completely reinterpreted, distorted and accelerated in a style called Retro Vintage Punk Rock, which makes the songs they reinterpret unique!

Cleopatra (we are Rough&Girlie - Garage R'n'R) // Myrtle dj

SABATATO 22.07.2017: The CLEOPATRAS (CleoPower! : We are Rough&Girlie - Garage R'n'R). After three years since the release of their last work, the all-female group has been back since 1998, with hundreds of shows all over Italy and Europe, with "CleoPower", the new album with a slightly different taste, all dealing with gender issues and especially with the empowerment of women.

The album consists of 11 heterogeneous but at the same time damned Rock'n'Roll tracks, with a good old garages rock basis, some punk rock and some cool rock cooler. Camilla, Rossana, Alice, Darleen B. and Marla'O have been rocking and rolling in Italy and Europe since 1998, so that they are often described as "the leading group in the Italian punk garages women scene".

During their career they have opened the concerts of Morlocks, Pretty Things, The Pandoras, The Real McKenzies, The Lords of Altamont etc. and participated in many festivals like Beatfest, Rebellion Fest (UK), Estathé Market Sound, BusOne, etc.... Under the first discography of the original line-up we remember the two singles "The Cleopatras" (2000) and "Let's run with...".

In 2012 they appeared in the book "Le rogazze del rock" by Jessica Dainese, dedicated to the female rock scene in Italy. In August 2015 they took part in the "Rebellion Festival" in Blackpool (UK), one of the most important punk rock festivals in Europe, while in September of the same year they took part in the fashion show of Antonio Marras' I'M collection for Milan Fashion Week with a life-show.

In 2016 they led an intense series of appointments for a walk through Italy and abroad (in Greece for a tribute concert at Lux Interior and in Belgium, Holland and Germany). A more mature recording both from a sonic point of view - from classic garages punk to surfing, but also to the alternative rock of the 90s - as well as to the topics dealt with.

The target groups of the bands are garages, punk rock, powerful hop and surfs: Ramones, The Cramps, The Sonics, The Trashwomen, New York Dolls, Link Wray etc. as well as the countless female bands from the 50s and 60s and later. A disrespectful and sparkling mixture of 60's garages, punk rock and rock'n'roll, in Rough&Girlie styles.

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