1990 Punk Rock Bands

Punk Rock Bands 1990

The punk rock band that has been on the road all over Europe since 1989. In 1990 the first demo "BLAU" was released. Farmer master drums: Adam Pfahler released: 1990 Label: Shredder Records You're undecided. The Evil Powers Of Rock 'N' Roll (1999) 39. Years ago the Queers were one of the most popular cult bands in American punk.

Best Punkrock Group of the 90s

If you want to participate, log in to myDeB and create your ranking the same way! Theirs is an artistic story, unfortunately finished, in which the spirit of the "garage" prevailed; punk with little loyalty, raw references without compromise hard-core, especially in the very first records. Associate the term punk with these here, has always made me a magician.....

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Punk Explosion, Tuesday at Cueva Rock Scots Exploded

Ten years after the last concert in Sardinia, The exploited are back on the island, the legendary punk rock group from the beginning: on Tuesday 1 May, the only Sardinian date (the second in Italy) of the new intensive European concert will take place at Cueva Rock in Quartucciu (Ca).

In front of the explosive on stage the five musicians of K'e k'e-m stand with their Rock'n' Roll in Sardinian. In 1980 the band began to play together: A few years earlier the punk revolution had prevailed in England with Sex Pistols and their disrespectful first record 'Never Mind the Bollocks'.

In 1981 Punk's not dead was born in Punk's not dead, a work that, 37 years later, is still today a manifold of the punk culture and the whole punk group, in which anti-militarist and anti-capitalist ideologies, the hard stance against the forces of law and order, religion, the whole social and political system, the English monarchy are expressed.

In the same year 1981 the group took part in the legendary punk trip "Apocalypse now" together with other punk giants like Discharge. A year later another historic explosive record was released, "Troops of tomorrow", while "Let's star a war" was released in 1983, with clear accusations against Margaret Thatcher and aggressive English politics.

In the 80s they recorded two more albums with "Horror Epics" and "Death before dishonour", which turn to even rougher and more aggresive tonalities and ascribe the punk label to the group. Between 1990 and 2003 only three records were released, 'The massacre', 'Beat the Bastards' and the latest 'Fuck the System'.

Over the years they have never stopped playing live: their concerts are real sound explosions of great impact, so much so that in the 80s the bands were often censored and their lives cancelled for fear of disorder. They will arrive at Cueva Rock with a line up that has been consolidated for years: founder Wattie Bucham on vocals, Matt McGuire on guitar, Irish Rob on bass, Willie Buchan on drums.

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