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Punk Bands 1990

A demo of Attrito, a Roman punk group from the 80s, recorded in 1990. Originally founded in 1990, the band disbanded a few years later. Gonzales played drums and wrote lyrics in the influential hardcore women's band Spitboy from the 90s, and now she has written a Booka Punk Rock Herstory. Turin punk band, founded in 1988. 1990 by Fat Mike of NOFX) and promotes their rise.

? GrĂ¼ner Tag liv - 1990 school concert videos | News

It seems yesterday that Green Day exploded with her "Dookie" on the market and played the role of the young promise of punk to board the charts: it was 1994. For many this was the band's first record, which has actually been active for about eight years, plus two albums and a handful of EPs released...so it was a well-managed and solid group.

Now, thanks to the historical memory of the web, a Green Days tape - previously unknown, though on-line for some years now - has reappeared. In 1990 (it was May 10th) Green Days played a concert at Pinole Valley High School in California. Pinole Valley High School was the school attended by both Billie Joe Armstrong (who decided not to finish his studies and did not graduate) and Mike Dirnt.

John Kiffmeyer is still on drums in this debut album, in which the group plays several tracks from their debut album "39/Smooth", released a month earlier. Green Day was recently featured in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (the ceremony took place on April 18th in Cleveland); during the event the group also performed and offered a short setup with the songs "American idiot", "Basket case" and "When I come around".

Exploited + Victims: al Bloom a Mezzago

The legendary Exploited announce their return to Italy accompanied by The Casuaties! After their last gigs here again in Italy is one of the most popular and most discussed bands of World Punk Rock. Defined among the greatest representatives of "Anarco Punk," the explosive activists have become one of the "historical" groups of the scene since the early 1980s; their discography is defined as a true backbone of the genre, from early works such as "Punks not Dead" from 1981 to "Fuck The System" from 2003.

Her sounds in this 30-year honorable career have been varied, but always intense, from classical punk to the contamination of the last works with punk music, metals and crime, to the unmistakable attitude to mayhem and anarchy that has always distinguished her. The inevitable Wattie Buchan will become a real icon after the physical problems of the last few months will go on more than ever this summer in the big European clubs and festivals on the road!

Casualties have lived and loved punk for over 25 years. Jorge, Jake and Rick Meggers don't show the slightest tiredness and released their ninth session record "Chaos Sound" in early 2016. Once again they will show how street punk 2016 should sound: rough, authentic, dynamic and incredibly diverse!

Originally founded in 1990, the group disbanded a few years later.

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