1980 Rock Music

80s Rock music

Since 2007 he has been invading unconventional music. Italian Libro Rock Progressivo 1980-2013. An Italian band between the 1980s and 1990s - and one of the most influential too. A reference point for live music for Bologna and Italy for more than 35 years. Migliore Carmine & Maria Powers Quartet (2008) rock.

The Covo Club: Rock music kept alive since 1980

#35-year anniversary sofCOVO: For the 35th anniversary of the Covo Clubs, Mariagrazia and Frank di Calipso interviewed Daniele Rumori, artistic director of the famous Bologna Life Clubs. Viale Zagabria 1's Covo Klub has always been proposed as a starting point for emerging groups in the Italian and international rock scene.

Meanwhile he has tried to keep the schedule varied and to be sure that he can do his job next year as well, relying mainly on "his strength, his 35-year history and the incredible number of bands that have played here and are among the most famous in the world" (to name just a few: Mumford and Sons, Franz Ferdinand and The XX).

"It'?s a comfortable zone," explains Daniele, "that guarantees life and publicity. " To celebrate this anniversary, we not only celebrate with simple advertising with specific hashtags (#35yearsofCovo), but also with a real renovation of the restaurant, which now has a more elegant and refined look (from the black walls to the redesign of the lights).

This season's line-up has chosen international bands such as the psychedelia of the Australian Spirit Valley (2 October), the surrock of La Luz (3 October), Ash and We Are scientists (27 November) and finally r'n'b The Internet (4 December). As usual, the programming of the Lair is extensive and does not remain anchored in the main office, but also moves into the theaters.

Already out of stock, Glen Hansard on 16 October, Low(20 October) and Yo La Tengo (30 October), are just some of the names of the artists who will play at Antoniano, to whom, according to Daniele, "some very important ones will be added soon". Last but not least Daniele Rumori gave us a preview that we shouldn't miss: On Wednesday, November 18th, the Fat White Family will perform at the Covo, their only Italian date.

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