1980 Punk Bands

80s Punk Bands

Pink shocking / Figli del Demonio (Dirty Actions S-Ha) (1980)[single]. First Italian mod band born in Turin in the spring of 1980. Indeed, punk rock of the 1980s consisted of a series of tidal waves of subgenres. di cosa potesse significare il punk italiano nel periodo 1977-1980. Thunders at Jerry Nolan's birthday party in Max's Kansas City May 1980.

1,000 concerts that have changed our lives - Ezio Guaitamacchi

Italian, the punk skirt was barely more than a note on the side: it was almost..... ITALIA I BIG THORNANO italia i big thornano in italia in 1980: on the wave of the release of Reggatta De Blanc, the album of MessaM ge In A..... The final is dedicated to the primeval punk and the group does not lose the "common for.....

Punk Rock Napoli

Beneath these caves under Naples the console for Dj Magnifico was mounted on an old truck. The book by Toty Ruggieri Diamond Dogs, Officina Post-industriale (1984-1987, Napoli) tells of another Naples than the usual, or rather the underworld. The meeting point of the Neapolitan counterculture was at the local Diamond Dogs (the name is inspired by the famous song of David Bowie) in Cavone, an area visited by the punks on the Gulf.

In the time destroyed by the earthquake, Naples discovered such a disrespectful, disorderly and noisy culture. The photo collection shows us the punk environment of the local DD when the Neapolitan photographer Toty Ruggieri followed the activities of the local population. "The experience of the Diamond Dogs (1984-1989) coincides with the final blow of the socio-political processes triggered by the 1980 earthquake," says journalist and writer Paolo Pontoniere in the film.

"From this perspective, the parable of the Diamond Dogs can be one of the most refined examples of the social revolution that took place in Naples in the 1980s," writes Pontoniere. It was a social revolution led by young people who, albeit for a brief moment, led Naples back to its role as the international capital of culture and experimentation.

But this place not only cultivated the local punk experiences, but was also known as an subterranean reality from all over the world. But by the time there was the telemamma in Naples, the atomic bomb was already far away. The Diamond Dogs, Officina pos industriellee, 1984-1987 Napoli, examines the submerged images of the Italian subsurface that speak about Napoli and in particular about a unique and symbolic place: the Diamond Dogs.

For the first time, the book presents the complete archives of the Neapolitan photographer Toty Ruggieri, who followed the site during his time there: from 1984 to 1987.

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