1970s Punk Rock Bands

1970' s Punk Rock Bands

Ramsones Studio 54, Rock N Roll, Ramones, Punk Rock, Joey Ramone. Motörhead developed from the London punk time in the middle of the 70s. What '70s punk band should you be in? Seldom and interesting photos of David Bowie and Iggy Pop in the 1970s. In the 1970s punk was very big.

Punk `s Not death (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyneside, Great Britain.....

Rock punk (or simply punk) is a kind of rock music that developed between 1974 and 1976 in the United States, Great Britain and Australia. Developed from garages rock, punk rock bands escaped the excesses of 70s rock with short and fast songs, hard melodies and vocal styles and often antisystempolitical lyrics: groups like Sex Pistols and The Clash in London, Patti Smith and Ramones in New York were considered pioneers of a new music style.

A subculture was created which is associated with punk and which expresses the rebellion of youth. Punkrock (or just punk) is a rock musical genre that evolved between 1974 and 1976 in the USA, Great Britain and Australia. With roots in garages rock, punk rock bands avoided the discernible excess of 1970s mains rock with either quick or easy tunes, fiercely contested tunes and vocal style, and often politically motivated texts against theishment.

The Sex Pistols and The Clash in London, Patti Smith and the Ramones in New York City were considered pioneers of a new kind of music. A punk sub-culture associated with punk arose, which expressed juvenile revolt and was characterised by unmistakable dress and ornament style (from intentionally insulting T-shirts, skin-skirts, stud bands and other rivet or barbed jewellery to bonddage and SM clothing) and a multitude of anti-authoritarian ideas.

Punk Rock from Italy & INDIEce1974

After a long break from artistic meditation, the London dub-punk duet (but of Italian origin) of Super Apes opens the doors to a new member, Ivan Colella on drums, and new sounds. When the new single DiscoShame is indeed confronted with catlike curiosity on an electric disc with exaggerated trashy-kitch nuances reminiscent of Germany between East and West, the B-side, Here Reads Bob Dylan, confirms nothing but the eclectic tradition started by Diego Pratiffi and Davide Simonetti, who defends himself against fashion and people and the idea of a sound anarchy worthy of Clash and Nina Hagen.

Let the muses guard the path of the super monkeys! How can we not join the guys of Tirreno Dischi, a Tuscan label that is very active in the indian rock market, when the party starts with a gift for the listener? Besides the contracted artists - La norte den die lunghi coltelli, i Polar for the Masses, Panico, ED, Telesplash and The Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy World of Mr. Rubik, each with two tracks - two friendly bands like Flora & Fauna and Od Fulmine are participating in the project.

BEATRICE ANTOLINI: Perhaps more than any of her other current works, the new EP Beatitudine, Beatrice brings Antholini closer to a sound sphere in which the disassembled post-punk exuberance of New York's Yeah Yeah Yeah Yes meets the typical nineties atmosphere of Iris Blond's Verdian I'm Crazy soundtrack. Because I am for the MASSEN POLAR: Abrasive and excited to express their musical passion, the Polar for the Masses manage to make rock absolutely punk in a pretty natural way.

Far away from home, the superapes find a safe showcase in the rich and sweaty strand of pasta to show off their cultural roots. Every gesture, every drop of sweat, every hair finds its own unexpected poetry and infinitely expands the transition between life and death. At the beginning of the summer, Ingiece will enter into a new relationship with Blues Cave Studio, a completely new reality in analogue mix, born of the courageous initiative and passion of Daniele Cocca.

Thus the Pesaro duet, consisting of Manu Magnini (vocals and guitar) and Damiano Simoncini (percussion), plays and divides itself between loud post-punk impressions and the impolite presence of garages rock. For it is not the strongest or most intelligent subject that survives, but the one that best manages change.

Young people, for some time to come, wish it with all their hearts, and from the powerful and viral ideas the Superapen have clearly demonstrated that they have taken the observation in Charles Darwin's field very well to emerge from the London sound broth, which imposes the taste for gambling and experimentation as the only viable path to contemporary music.

The development of the species today, thanks to the superapes, has its soundtrack. The record thrives on an amused and deep surreal vein that moves away, with a delicious touch of self-criticism and a touch of exhibitionism, the veil over a surprising sound and an existential reality. A bit like Velvet Underground, a bit like a Surfparty, a bit like Crazy Rock and a bit like a postpsychedelish song, Bonzi's work perfectly captures the essence of a contemporary schizophrenic style and form, yet is able to save itself with a desecrating laugh.

Because I NUV: An energetic stone that doesn't need vitamins, let alone restores them, looks just as admirable as the work of Dave Grohl and Queens of the Stone Age. With the confidence of those who have seen that their work is appreciated beyond national borders, the Milan NUV pushes towards a musical form that follows in the roar of the punk nucleus and in the challenge of tonal gravity that follows an excellent (the skilled skater is warned!), an excellent reason to exist.

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