1970 Rock Music

70 Rock music

The Rock Window: Paul Friedlander, "A Way of Understanding Rock Music", in Tracking: On this page you will find profiles of 1970s rock musicians that are updated around the clock. Music of Rock And Roll (Vanguard 1970) 3. Brugnolini Sandro - Aboveground (1970).

April 10, 1970: The day the two Beatles broke up.

Paul McCartney's first single disc ("McCartney") was to be released on April 17, 1970; Paul decided not to give interviews to promote the disc, but asked Apple's Peter Brown to create a list of questions he would answer and send to the press.

The affair made John Lennon very angry, who had decided months earlier to leave the group, but had not communicated it to wait for the release of the group's latest record, "Let It Be": Contacted by a journalist, John explained that McCartney had not fired the Beatles, but he had been fired! F: Why did you choose to make a Soloalbum?

After practicing (playing all the instruments) on a Studer four-track recorder at home, the results were great and I chose to make it an Album. F: Were you affected by John's adventure with the Plastic Ono Band and Ringo's own record? F: Are all of Paul McCartney's tunes alone?

F: Will they be reimbursed? All I had to do was ask for a ruling, and I concurred. F: What is Linda's post? But more than that, she believed in me all the time. F: Where was the record made? F: What is your home d├ęcor (in some details)?

F: The record was only known when it was almost finished. Were you aware of that? Are: Yes, because normally an old record is old before it even comes out. One: I've always wanted to buy a Beatles record like everybody else does and be as amazed as they have to be. That was the next best thing.

And Linda and I are the only two who will be tired until the date of out. F: Can you describe the lyrics or the feeling of the albums in a few words? THE MOVELY LINDA the movely linda was the first thing i took at home and was supposed to test the gear.

F: What kind of instrument did you play on the record? F: Will Linda be featured on all upcoming albums? F: Will Paul and Linda become John and Yoko? No, they will be Paul and Linda. F: What did the intake alone teach you? It' s simple to make your own choices about what you do and to play with yourself is very hard but rewarding.

and she and I created the bundle. F: Is it real that neither Allen Klein nor ABKCO were or will be in any way participate in the creation, manufacture, distribution nor promotional activities of this new record? F: Suppose this is a very big hits record, are you going to make another record?

Even if it isn't, I will keep doing what I want whenever I want. F: Are you planing a new record or a singles with the Beatles? F: Is this record a pause away from the Beatles or the beginning of a solosearea? It will be seen with the eyes of the world.

To be a Soloalbum means that it is "the beginning of a Solokarriere..." and not to be made with the Beatles means that it is only a pause. F: Is your rupture with the Beatles transient or persistent, due to personality or sexual difference? After all, it' s because I have a better relationship with my wife and daughter that I have the best relationship with them.

F: What do you think of John's efforts for peacemaking? One: I like John and disrespect what he does - I don't really enjoy it. F: Was one of the tracks on the record initially composed with the Beatles in mind? on it? F: Were you satisfied with ABBEY ROAD? Did it restrict you in music?

F: How is your relation to Klein? I' m not in touch with him, and he' s not representing me in any way. F: What is your relation to Apple? AUDIENCE: It's a firm's bureau that I separate from the other three Beatles. F: What kind of music did you listen to on this record?

F: What are your intentions now? Is it a comedy?

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